The Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse Accelerates Social Change

June 20, 2020

This new moon at 0°21’ Cancer, a solar eclipse, also coincides with the Summer Solstice on June 20, 2020 (11:41 PM Pacific Time).

“On a ship, sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one.” This lunation’s Sabian symbol is a powerful image of the endings and beginnings eclipse season can bring. But with Cancer’s ties to the past, “out with the old, in with the new” may not be such a comforting sentiment.

Consider this, though: When an old flag becomes weathered and torn, the best way to honor it is to take it down and swap it out for a fresh, clean new one. Similarly, this eclipse inspires us to revive old-fashioned values and traditions in new-and-improved incarnations.

Still, there’s a difference between honoring the past and living in it. This new moon also encourages you to make new memories—with your family, or whomever else feels like home to you.

Just remember that each of us is also part of the human family. As close-knit as our personal circle may be, we should be sensitive to those on the outside, and ask how we might help create a more caring culture. (Getting comfortable with our own vulnerability is a great place to start.)

What does the June solar eclipse in Cancer mean?

On a collective level, this solstice eclipse is likely to accelerate change. But personally, we may want to let our intentions “cook” a while longer. After all, this is just the first of two back-to-back new moons in the cardinal water sign. And while Mercury is retrograde in Cancer at this one, he’ll be moving direct again by the next on July 20. Perhaps this lunar cycle is best spent reflecting on where we’ve come from and where we’re headed next.

With this eclipse quincunx retrograde Saturn in Aquarius, taking personal responsibility for our collective future is a major theme. We can’t just think of what feels cozy and comfortable now; there are also long-term societal consequences to consider. As awkward as it may be, accepting the reality of our current situation makes it easier to change things for the better.

Thanks to a Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn (exact June 29), major structural change is inevitable. But we’re not totally at its mercy: With Mars in Pisces sextile Jupiter and Pluto, we have some power to shape how these forces unfold.

Positive transformation starts within, by consciously and consistently choosing to have faith, hope, and love. As Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces (June 22-November 28), we may find it more effortless to get on this spiritual wavelength.

Venus is also switching directions around this eclipse. Since going retrograde in Gemini on May 13, she’s urged us to rethink what we love, value, and desire most. As she turns direct again on June 24, it’s time to start integrating and applying these new insights to our lives.

Read on for your sun sign and rising to learn more about what this eclipse means for you.

Horoscopes for the June new moon

solar eclipse in Cancer


Everyone’s always telling you to “come out of your shell,” Cancer. But what they don’t understand is, you’re not in there to hide. Retreating into your inner sanctuary is like putting on emotional protective armor, to keep your sensitivity intact as you navigate the demands of life.


Harder doesn’t always equal stronger, Leo. So while others are looking to you for firm leadership, you shouldn’t assume that this forbids you from ever showing your softer side. All it does mean is that it will take even greater courage and strength to do so.


“Same storm, different boats.” It’s a useful concept for all of us trying to navigate current events with compassion. But Virgo, it’s especially timely for you. This eclipse tunes you into the very different ways in which different people or groups might be experiencing your common reality.


When the going gets tough, Libra, the tough get creative! Right now, you may feel restricted from expressing emotion through your usual channels. But you can choose to find a way to make it work within these new constraints… and in the process, provide soul-nourishing inspiration to others.


Keep the faith, Scorpio! While you may not be seeing much encouraging evidence lately, you’re trying to stay optimistic about human nature. Remember that ultimately, you can’t control whether others give in to their best or worst impulses. What you can control, though, is the way you respond.


The moral high ground is easy enough to claim, Sag—but it’s even easier to lose. It doesn’t matter how justified you feel in withholding your sympathy or support from someone else. The more emotionally stingy you are with them now, the more you’ll end up shortchanging yourself.


No one is an island, Capricorn—not even you. But reaching out for connection often feels riskier than staying stranded. While stoicism and detachment can sometimes come in handy, right now they’re cutting you off from vital emotional nourishment. So allow yourself to be a little “needy.”


It’s for your own good, Aquarius… and other people’s, too. But knowing this doesn’t necessarily make it easier to change your habits in the way that life is asking you to do. Be kind to yourself, and honor the sacrifices you’re making out of care and concern for others.


Some will, some won’t… so what? Pisces, you’re done waiting for validation from external authorities. Your creativity is not—and never has been—dependent on anyone’s approval but your own. Express what’s in your heart and soul, and your true creative “tribe” will find you soon enough.


Who is your family, Aries? If your circle of caring and concern includes only the people you’re related to, live with, or look like, you aren’t extending it wide enough. This eclipse challenges you to embrace your interrelatedness with everyone else—even people you consider “unsafe.”


Some people call you an old soul, Taurus. But just because your ideas are somewhat on the traditional side doesn’t mean you’ve got nothing new to say. When you communicate from your deepest heartfelt convictions, you’re offering a fresh take on enduring wisdom that’s truly timeless.


What we need and what we want are two different things, Gemini. And lately, circumstances have shown you that you can actually be quite content without some of the things you thought were needs. This doesn’t mean you have to go without; just that you don’t have to cling.

Art courtesy of Natasha Chomko