Lilith in Pisces: Meaning in Natal Chart and Transit

February 14, 2023

Black Moon Lilith is an unmasked and introspective point in the birth chart. This incredible location can tell you a lot about what your “dark side” is (both personally and sexually!) and how you rebel. To understand this deeper point in your birth chart, we asked astrologer Julia Mihas to explain what it is and how to identify with it. 

Lilith Meaning

Lilith is calculated based on the location of the moon—a planet which, in astrology, represents our most internal emotional needs and desires. So, this point has very significant ties to our deepest emotional selves. For this reason, Mihas explains that it can be an extremely insecure part of our charts.

 “Black Moon Lilith shows you a sensitive and hidden place where you internalize your shame, and where you unconsciously rebel,” she says. “She represents a deep part of our subconscious, and therefore relates to our unspoken and unexpressed sexuality.”

How to Work With It

Since this point is exceptionally personal, you can imagine how difficult it might be to consciously understand Lilith, let alone embrace it. Part of its purpose is to help us let go of personal shame. “Embracing the Black Moon Lillith is about self acceptance,” Mihas explains. “Once you become more comfortable, validated and articulate in your sexuality, you may even find a non-judgemental partner to help plumb those depths!”

Ultimately, Lilith signifies where we lack self-acceptance and may want to find a partner who can help unleash this.

Woman vs. Man

Lilith can appear differently from men to women. In fact, this placement is all about repressed femininity. “The mythological Lilith is a pre-biblical figure from Mesopotamian and Judaic lore. She was the first wife of Adam who would not obey him, so she was cast from the Garden of Eden,” says Mihas. “She is portrayed as a lascivious she-demon who preys on men. The Black Moon Lilith therefore represents feminine rebellion, internalized shame and repressed sexuality.” 

In women, Lilith can unleash the feminine urges that are strictly repressed by society. The need to “look right” or “act right” is banished when women lean into their lilith sign.

In men, Lilith can encourage a more sensitive side to appear—the one generally repressed by society as well. The need to “be strong” and avoid vulnerability is banished.

Lilith in Pisces Meaning

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac—representative of the 12th House of transcendence, spirituality, and internalization. According to Mihas, it has a lot to do with merging with something greater than yourself. 

“When the Black Moon Lilith is in Pisces, she rebels through escapism. There can be shame regarding her fantasies, compassion or being needy. On a sexual level, Black Moon Lilith in Pisces may enjoy surrender and submission, and she may be embarassed to share her erotic fantasies with others.


In the natal chart, Lilith in Pisces can encourage natives to embrace the taboo sides of escapism such as porn, burlesque, drinking, and even gambling.

In order to learn which area of life Lilith in Pisces appears, Mihas suggests looking at which House it lands under. “Whichever House you find Black Moon Lilith is where you are deeply hidden, misunderstood, and repressed in some manner,” says Mihas. “Human sexuality is complex and Black Moon Lilith represents the more psychological aspect of our libido. The House and Sign can explain your ‘kink’.”


According to Mihas, Black Moon Lilith spends 9 months in each sign—which, as she points out, is aligned with human gestation. Of course, this relates incredibly to the mystery of how sex and “life” are connected. One might even say that in order to “live,” you must embrace this side of Lilith.

In terms of transits, wherever Lilith goes, it’s opening up new worlds for you. “When Black Moon Lilith transits a House or planet, you may face rebellious energies submerging from your subconscious in the form of sexual desires,” says Mihas. “You may also find an area of life where you are feeling more embarrassed and ashamed of what others may think about you.” 


How do I find my Lilith sign?

To find your Lilith placement, simply head to our birth chart calculator. There, you’ll find your Lilith placement and can see how it interacts with the rest of your birth chart. Don’t forget to check which House it falls under!

What’s the symbol for Black Moon Lilith?

This sign is usually depicted as a black moon, with a cross beneath it. The symbol looks quite similar to the symbol of Venus—with the exception of the black moon at the top as opposed to the circle of humanity. It seems only fair that a black moon is represented here—as the “shadow” emotions or “shadow side” of femininity. 

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