What’s My Lilith Sign?

June 4, 2022

You’ve grown familiar with your birth chart—maybe you’re old friends now—but have you heard of your Lilith sign?

Lilith, also referred to as “Black Moon Lilith,” is a point in your chart that can illuminate your inner “bad bitch” and shadow sides of yourself and your psyche. Lilith is a sign of autonomy and liberation, and her story speaks to the power of women.

Learn more about how to find your own Lilith sign, how to interpret Lilith in astrology, as well as what each Lilith sign means.


Before you can fully understand the meaning of Lilith in your chart, it’s important to first understand that Lilith is not a physical planet or celestial object but rather it is a calculated point.

“Black Moon Lilith is not a planet, it’s a point in space,” Adama Sesay, astrologer and author of the upcoming Black Moon Lilith™ Rising Book and Cosmic Oracle Cards, says. “I like to compare it to the North and South Nodes of the Moon (Rahu/Ketu) to provide clarity. Although they don’t have the same meaning, they are actually both based on demonized mythical deities.” Lilith is what’s known as the “lunar aphogee,” Sesay says, adding that this point is calculated by identifying the furthest point in the moon’s orbit around the Earth.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the meaning of Black Moon Lilith in astrology. “She was demonized and not considered a goddess,” Sesay says. “Goddesses are not just about obedience, grace and beauty—like Venus or Juno, who are widely used in chart interpretation. There are dark warrior goddesses like Lilith to consider, too. Eres, and Pallas Athena are also great examples of this. We can’t have light without the dark!”

The mythology and origin of Lilith is complex and spans history. “Its interpretation is based on the mysterious ancient archetype of Lilith who appeared in the Talmud, ancient Babylonian, and Sumerian texts,” she says. “In brief, she was the first woman before Eve who rebelled, reclaimed her sovereignty, and would not submit to God or the first man, Adam. In your natal chart, depending on the sign and house your Black Moon Lilith is placed in, you can experience power struggles, demonization and suppression similar to Lilith.” 

Where Lilith lands in your chart reveals facets of your power, inner truth and clues to necessary shadow work. “It’s all about trauma, misfortune, and suffering,” Sesay says. “While dark energy like Lilith can be challenging to navigate, it’s actually extremely empowering to understand this in your natal chart and a source of healing shadow work. This is similar to understanding your Saturn or Pluto!”

Understanding your Lilith sign and placement can help you understand your connection to your feminine and pieces of that you repress that are waiting to be exposed and shared.

In the Zodiac Signs

Lilith’s power shows up differently in each zodiac sign. Learn more about how your Black Moon Lilith sign influences your life and birth chart.

Lilith in Aries 

Lilith in Aries knows how to fight. Your desire to do things first and do them your own way may be met with opposition by authority figures, which can leave you questioning your ability to lead. When you learn to stop relying on others and follow your instincts, you will experience growth and gain.

Lilith in Taurus 

Lilith in Taurus asks you to do shadow work relating to wealth. If you have a scarcity mindset, it’s time to re-evaluate why that is and work on reframing your relationship with the material realm. Abundance is around the corner waiting for you to do your shadow work.

Lilith in Gemini 

Lilith in Gemini can leave you feeling insecure when it comes to sharing your ideas and thoughts with others. Perhaps you have a feeling that you were punished in a past life for sharing your truth. Your ideas can truly change lives—sharing freely and openly will bring relief. 

Lilith in Cancer 

Family can be a source of pain and/or repressed pain with your Lilith in Cancer. Did you feel safe, seen and secure growing up? It’s likely you didn’t receive the nurturing you deserved. Your lesson asks you to spend time creating your chosen family, those who fill your cup up, not tear you down or shame you. 

Lilith in Leo 

With your Lilith in Leo, life may have been a little too tough from the start. Did you skip over your childhood? Reconnect to your inner child by engaging in activities that you missed out on. Fingerpainting, swinging on a swing, or climbing a tree will all do. It’s safe for you to engage in play and explore your creative inner world.

Lilith in Virgo 

Your self-criticism and criticism of others may be debilitating if your Lilith is in Virgo. At some point along the way, standards and expectations were placed on you that were way too high. Releasing the need for perfection is key. The process to healing is messy, don’t be afraid to take some detours along the way.

Lilith in Libra 

With your Lilith in Libra, passivity can get the best of you when it comes to partnership. Losing yourself in your relationship or putting your needs on the backburner can come a little too naturally. Learning to stand your ground and demand that your needs be met is your cosmic challenge at hand.

Lilith in Scorpio 

You may have experienced a breach of trust early on from someone who was meant to protect you if your Lilith is in Scorpio. This feeling of being violated may stick with you and cause you to close off emotionally or even physically from others. Addressing your fears and putting in the work to uncover past trauma leads to expansive new worlds.

Lilith in Sagittarius 

Lilith in Sagittarius means your relationship to your beliefs may have landed you in trouble in the past. This energy can leave you hesitant to speak up for what you believe in now. When you learn to share your perspective, you free yourself from residual pain and staying in a toxic cycle of caring more about what others’ think of you vs. doing and speaking on what is actually right.

Lilith in Capricorn 

You may find yourself a little too obsessed with your reputation and life’s achievements or, conversely, it may feel like you’ll never get there. With your Lilith in Capricorn, learning to find a balance between your productivity and honoring your private world, rest cycle and inner needs is a must.

Lilith in Aquarius 

No one likes to feel othered and sadly that may be one of the first memories you have if your Lilith is in Aquarius. Standing out from your peers is a great source of anxiety, but learning to love your quirks and your weird will make you whole again.

Lilith in Pisces 

With your Lilith in Pisces, your connection to otherworldly energy and the psychic world is a great asset, but also can lead to the need to escape. Carrying the world’s worries on your shoulders is beyond heavy. Your lesson may reveal itself when you start to help others. Sharing your healing journey can change others’ lives.

How to Find Your Lilith Sign

To find your Lilith sign, you will need to use a birth chart calculator. Lilith is a point in the sky that is calculated. Once you enter your birth information (date, month, year of birth; time of birth, and location of birth), the birth chart calculator will populate with which zodiac sign Lilith shows up as in your own personal chart.


What’s my black moon?

Black Moon is another term for Lilith, also referred to as Black Moon Lilith. This is the same as your Lilith sign.

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