Love Tarot Spreads for Singles: New Love, Future Love, More

April 8, 2022

These Tarot card spreads will tell you everything you need to know about your current relationship, love interest, or future relationship.

Being single isn’t always a fun time. Thankfully, Tarot cards can help us determine whether we’re dating “the one” or whether we’re even close to finding them. To help us provide the best love spreads, we talked with Tarot reader Rebecca Devey—who runs the Instagram account @theintuitivegemini

According to her, three- to five-card Tarot spreads are the way to go. This makes information easy and digestible. Additionally, she gives some insight on how to make your own spreads. “Making spreads is meant to be fun, so ask as many mini questions as you like based on your overall question.”

So, as you’re reading through these love spreads, try a few out. If you’re looking for more, you can always make your own! And of course, if you’re hoping to receive a Tarot reading (as opposed to doing one for yourself), there are plenty of professional love Tarot readings out there for you to try!

Future Love Tarot Spread

Here, Devey gives us a nice spread on a future love connection.

  • What am I looking for in a partner?
  • What am I looking for in a relationship?
  • How will I know when they are now in my life?

Finding Love Tarot Spread

Devey provided a nice spread on how to find love. 

  • My current situation
  • What is blocking me from finding love
  • How to overcome this block
  • What will help me find love
  • Outcome

More Romance Tarot Spread

If you’re lacking in the romance department, here’s a sensual little spread to get things going.

  • Our sexual chemistry now
  • How should I approach my partner to get us in the mood?
  • What color should I wear? 
  • What do they need to do to get me in the mood?
  • Our future sexual chemistry

Love Life Tarot Spread

Let’s do an overview of your love life, shall we?

  • Past love life
  • Current love life
  • Future love life
  • How to make my love life more exciting
  • Advice

Does He Love Me? Tarot Spread

It can be tough not to know what’s going on in someone’s head. Here’s a spread that will help you out.

  • Overall connection
  • Past connection
  • Present connection
  • Future connection
  • Long-term connection

Potential Relationship Tarot Spread

It’s tough to know if a connection is going to last long-term. This spread helps uncover that a bit.

  • Emotional connection
  • Physical connection
  • Intellectual connection
  • Spiritual connection
  • Long-term connection

New Relationship Tarot Spread

So, you’re starting to fall in love … but the “relationship” may be a bit in and out. Is your partner ready to commit? This spread helps you figure that out.

  • Our relationship now
  • How I feel
  • How they feel
  • What I need to move forward
  • What they need to move forward
  • Our strengths
  • Our weaknesses
  • Long-term potential

Will She Come Back to Me? Tarot Spread

Perhaps things ended poorly with your ex, and you’re wondering if you will have another shot at things. Let’s find out using this easy Tarot spread.

  • Why things had to end
  • How I feel about getting back together
  • How they feel about getting back together
  • Is reconnection possible?
  • What I should do now to help push that narrative forward


When will I find love?

A popular Tarot question regarding love has to do with “when:” When will I find love? When will I get married? When will I get pregnant? 

Devey has a different way of going about this. “Instead of a direct time frame, I like to bring into the spread questions like, ‘What might I experience in the next 3/6/12 months?’” she says. According to her, energy shifts and changes frequently over time, so “when” questions need to be narrowed down. 

How do you perform a love Tarot reading?

It really just depends on the kind of love reading you’re doing! If you’re just using Tarot cards, then all love readings are the same. If you want to add a little extra oomph to your Tarot reading, try holding a rose quartz (for love), carnelian (for sex), or clear quartz (for clarity) in your hand—depending on the situation.

How do you do a love Tarot reading for yourself?

Reading Tarot cards for yourself can be a tricky endeavor. However, if you can get yourself in the right headspace, and attempt to remain completely neutral during the reading, it is definitely possible. 

All you have to do is clear your mind, shuffle as you would for anyone else, follow one of these spreads, and pull the cards. There’s nothing special about it!

Is it possible to do a couple’s reading?

Yes! You can definitely get together with your spouse to do a reading. If you’re reading on your partner without their knowledge, some Tarot readers advise that this is an invasion of space—and you might therefore want to ask their permission before going through with it. But, if you’ve both decided to get a reading together, it can be a very informational session!

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