9 Signs Your Twin Flame Loves You

March 1, 2022

Even if you’re separated from your twin flame, or can’t tell how they feel, here are tell-tale signs that your twin flame is still thinking about you.

Twin flame relationships can be thrilling, enlightening, and even brutal. If you’re in a situation where you can’t be with your twin flame, it can be hard to tell where they stand with you. We spoke to Xavier Villanova, Tarot reader for Tarot By Maisy, to get the scoop on this intricate relationship. 

What Is a Twin Flame?

According to Villanova, “a twin flame is formed by a profound connection between two different people who [come from] separate halves of the same life force.” 

Often called “mirror souls,” twin flame connections help you see the darker or another side of yourself. Your twin flame is meant to complement you—not complete you. “Truth is, you’re not even close to being identical, which means that you won’t even have the same tastes in music, food, clothes, or lifestyle, because what you are is complementary.”

Villanova explains that this kind of bond is similar to the one you might have with a sibling. You are of the same cloth, the same blood, and the same soul—but you are not one

Twin Flame Separation

The thing with this connection is that the partnership is very strong, and because of the intensity, twin flames have to separate from one another—in order to find growth elsewhere. “This type of relationship is all about the freedom to be your truest self, without chains or boundaries,” says Villanova.

While it can be saddening to think of a life without your literal other half, twin flames never really leave one another. “Two indissoluble parts of the same life force can be a million miles apart, but their bond can never actually be severed or dismantled,” says Villanova. 

“Concepts like time and space don’t apply to twin flame connections, for you’re only apart physically, but your souls are truly just one.” 

Love Signs

If you and your twin flame are in a “no contact” situation, unable to be together romantically, or simply living far apart, here are some signs that they are still with you.

  1. You feel their presence.

You feel the electricity when they are with you, right? So, why would it be any different when they’re not with you? Their “presence” is likely to feel like a calming and comforting aura around you. You may even see a flash of them in your mind. 

  1. They mirror you.

A twin flame’s main job is to show you what you still need to learn about yourself. So, their actions may stimulate the parts of you that need to change. “You can better observe your behavior,” says Villanova, “so you can keep doing what you’re doing or make amends when needed.

Even if you’re not together, you might mirror one another’s actions in some way—like posting something on social media at the same time.

  1. They put you through emotional Hell.

According to Villanova, “this is what twin flames do best.” And that’s because the only way through the pain is to find resolution where you’re not strong. 

If you’re not a couple because your past was too rough, consider this: Passion is love. Anger, fighting, tension happen because someone cares. While it’s important for you to feel like you’re in a healthy relationship, you can look back on those times with the idea that this was a karmic life lesson in the making.

  1. You dream about them.

A sure-fire way to know if your twin flame is thinking about you is if you dream of them. This means that the line of communication (even if it’s subconscious!) is still in use. And, it’s likely that, they’ve probably dreamed about you that very night as well. 

  1. You think of them at very random moments.

Randomly in your day, you might start thinking of your twin flame. Why? Because they were probably thinking about you! This is twin flame telepathy at its finest.

  1. You keep finding your way back to each other, time and time again. 

Even if it spans a decade or a lifetime, twin flames never fully leave one another. They are always in each other’s hearts. And because of that, you may find that you reconnect every once in a while. 

The thing is, twin flames tell the brutal, honest truth. That’s especially true “when it comes to delivering those harsh truths you aren’t always ready to hear—like, ‘I love you enough to let you go,’” says Villanova. But it can also mean that they find peace in reconnecting—and can do so without emotional attachment.

  1. You found inspiration from them.

“Some people might not understand it, but your twin flame is also here to inspire you—even if it means they have to go follow their dreams elsewhere,” explains Villanova. 

So, even if you don’t end up being together, you will be forever changed by this connection. For example, if you two had to separate because of mental health issues, you could find yourself being an advocate for those mental health issues down the line. Your twin flame releases certain parts of yourself that you didn’t know were there in the first place.

  1. You both selflessly want the best for each other—even if you hurt one another, and even if you’re not together.

Because your twin flame is literally part of you, you would never wish ill on them. It would feel wrong on so many levels to do so. 

  1. You feel intense emotions very suddenly.

This can be a sign that your twin flame is feeling intensely about something—far away from you. 

It can also mean that your twin flame is feeling intensely about you. Perhaps the emotions come with a burning desire to be with them, or sadness that things couldn’t work out, or a hope that one day you’ll run into each other. The reason for this is because they’re feeling the same way.


How do you know if you’ve met your twin flame?

This is something that you will just know

Do both twin flames know about their connection?

Definitely! It’s a connection so strong, neither of you will be able to miss it.

Should I tell my twin flame about twin flames?

If you feel that it’s necessary to talk about, it’s definitely something to consider. This connection is something neither of you have felt before, so it might be best to open the line of communication around it. 

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