What Is a Lunar Return and How to Celebrate

February 7, 2023

Have you ever experienced moments where you felt more emotional than normal (without a “real” explanation)? Well, astrology may be partly to blame here. Your lunar return—the moment when the moon returns to the exact location it was when you were born—can affect your emotional standpoint and can give insight into emotional lessons that are coming your way.

To learn more, we asked astrologer Julia Mihas for her insight on lunar returns.

What Is a Lunar Return?

As mentioned, a lunar return takes place when the moon returns to the same place in the sky when you were born. “This happens all the time, because it takes one month for the moon to traverse the zodiac,” says Mihas. “Since lunar returns are common, many of them may pass without your noticing.”


But the key to finding emotional clarity and peace is to track your lunar returns, according to Mihas.

The moon represents deep feelings, as well as deep connections—like family, home, and feelings. That’s why, says Mihas, in the few hours before and after your lunar return, you’re likely to be a little more emotionally heightened. You may also find yourself drawn to prominent women in your life or more keen to explore creature comforts.

Additionally, a lunar return can show you what emotional highlights will be coming up for you in the month ahead by using a lunar return chart. 


“A lunar return chart is cast at the moment the transiting moon hits the exact place as your natal moon,” says Mihas. This helps you identify what upcoming emotions will be highlighted.

“You can analyze the aspects other planets are making in your lunar return. If Mars squares it, then you may be more frustrated, impatient, and temperamental that month,” says Mihas. “If Venus conjoins it, then you may be feeling more romantic, lovey-dovey, and compliant to others.”


If you find that your progressed chart shows a lunar return—which takes about 28 years—then it’s an auspicious time for love! Expect new beginnings in your relationship or meeting someone new. 

More than that, this moment in time typically happens right before your Saturn return… which will take things for a truly emotional spin. So, the idea is to find emotional peace during this moment so that you’re able to handle the Saturn return with a full and confident heart. 

Ultimately, the progressed lunar return is a time for great healing and growth.

What to Do During Your Lunar Return

If you’ve already charted out your lunar returns for the year, good for you! Now, put these practices into place once they occur:

Relax. Well, first thing’s first. You’ll want to chill out. This moment is like menstruation or dealing with hormones—there are a lot of emotions to sort through! So, try not to stress yourself out during this time.

Journal. Writing down the emotional themes you felt during the month before may be quite helpful. Not only will this help you understand how to read your lunar return chart better, but it will also give you an idea of what’s to come. Use this time to reflect on these questions:

  • What predominant feelings did I experience last lunar cycle?
  • How am I feeling today?
  • How can I create a safer emotional space for myself?
  • What’s one affirmation I can take into this next lunar cycle?

Consider your moon sign element. If you have a fire moon, perhaps you might want to get creative with your exercises such as doing artwork or going on a run. If you have an earth moon, getting in touch with nature is always a great bet. With an air moon, journaling or writing out your various thoughts will help. With a water moon, the lunar return can be quite overwhelming. So, perhaps slowing it down and taking a bath is a good idea. 

Sleep or take a nap. Rest is important!

Nurture or be nurtured. You may want to step into a “mom” role right now—do it. You may also find that you’d rather be smothered and cared for, as the lunar return can bring about a sensitive side. If that’s the case, allow someone to take care of you.

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