The Gemini New Moon Is the Breath of Fresh Air You've Been Waiting For

May 21, 2020

On May 22, 2020, at 10:39 a.m., Pacific Time, the new moon will be at 2°05’ Gemini. 

New ideas… new perspectives… new attitudes! The new moon in Gemini brings us all a much-needed breath of fresh air. As one of the zodiac’s most sociable signs, the Gemini moon finds us eager to connect with new people—or to enjoy the company of those we already know in fresh new ways.

But it’s not just who we know; It’s also what we know that makes life interesting. And whether you’re drawn to teaching or learning at this new moon, it’s the perfect time to begin an educational adventure.

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What does the May new moon in Gemini mean?

Whatever we’re wishing for right now, writing it down or speaking it out loud can be a powerful way to energize those intentions—especially with lunation ruler Mercury also in Gemini! As our minds race at lightning speed from one idea to the next, putting thoughts into words helps us anchor them into reality.

Still, it’s more about putting ideas out there than setting them in stone. After all, with Venus retrograde in Gemini (May 12-June 24), we may think we know what we want—but that’s subject to change as we reevaluate our heart’s desires.

An exact Mercury/Venus conjunction at this new moon brings insights around love, beauty, pleasure, relationships, self-esteem, self-worth, money, possessions, and anything else we value in life. The trick is to approach them in a playful, curious way… instead of an overly intellectual or critical way. With the north node just beginning its time in Gemini, we’re being asked to grow in flexibility, adaptability, and open-mindedness as we navigate new situations.
Of course, while “new” can be exciting, it can also be confusing. And with several Gemini and Pisces planets squaring off at this new moon, the potential for misunderstandings is especially high. Whether or not there’s any deliberate deception going on, we’re receiving mixed messages—and may be reading into them what we want to see or hear.

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As Mercury and Venus square Neptune, idealistic and romantic notions can obscure how we actually think and feel about relationships. And the moon’s square with Mars and Ceres brings up fears and frustrations that may not be based in fact. It can be hard to discern between intuition and fear—or between intuition and wishful thinking—especially where safety and survival are concerned.

Fortunately, the moon’s trine with retrograde Saturn in Aquarius gives us easier access to our inner truth detector. Setbacks, delays, or other reality checks that we encounter can prevent us from getting too far ahead of ourselves, and remind us to take it one step at a time.

After all, our personal attitudes and actions have collective consequences. So let’s all take a deep breath, and do the best we can with the information available to us right now.

Read on for your sun sign and rising to learn more about what this new moon means for you.

Horoscopes for the new moon in Gemini

May of 2020


Grab your pen and paper, Gemini! It’s time to start writing a new chapter in your story—the one you tell yourself, about yourself. In this part, you’ll finally get a chance to resolve the differences between your true character and the one you’ve been playing all along.


Not all of the answers are “out there,” Cancer—some of them can only be found within. And right now, those are the kinds of questions you’re most interested in asking. Think of the wisdom you’ve acquired so far as just the beginning of a deeper exploration.


It’s all about connections, Leo—and this new moon finds you reaching out for new ones. Just be aware that the people who seem like they have the most to offer you in terms of money, status, or success aren’t always the best ones to befriend.


The student has become the master! Virgo, you’ve learned all you can from your current “teacher,” and now it’s time to move on. At this point, whomever or whatever you’ve been seeing as an authority figure has got nothing on your own authority and expertise.


Idealized images are lovely to look at, Libra. But after a while, those daydreams of perfection can make your real life lose its luster. Instead of escaping into a fantasy world at this new moon, look for a way to incorporate elements of it into actual reality.


Let’s get it all out in the open, Scorpio: From fantasies to fears, at this new moon, no topic is too taboo—as long as you’re “going there” with someone you love and trust. Just don’t forget to bring your sense of humor along for the ride!


However well you know someone, Sag, people can be full of surprises. And chances are, there’s someone in your life right now whom you only know about half as well as you think you do. At this new moon, be open to seeing their other side.


Work may be serious business, Capricorn, but there’s no reason it has to be boring! In fact, the more fun you have on the job, the more productive you’re likely to be. At this new moon, look for clever new ways to mix business and pleasure.


A little bit of this, a little bit of that… With so many different flavors to sample, Aquarius, why limit yourself to just one? And with so many ingenious ideas to express, why limit yourself to only one creative outlet? This new moon encourages experimentation!


It’s been said that life is “a tragedy for those who feel and a comedy for those who think.” Whether or not you agree, Pisces, at this new moon there are insights to be gained by viewing your emotions from the perspective of a detached and amused observer.


Read the room, Aries! You’re used to doing things your own way, but right now the more responsible choice might be to take your cues from what’s happening around you. As frustrating as it can be, try to find the freedom in this forced flexibility.


If resources seem to be in short supply, Taurus, it could be that you’re leaving some valuable assets—like your energy, time, knowledge, and skills—out of the equation. At this new moon, look for creative ways to pool these resources with those of others in your community.

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