Leo Season Delivered Life Beyond Earth & There’s More to Come

August 25, 2020

In case you missed it, a microquasar (which is a compact object and a companion star) 15,000 light-years away let out a pulse that was heard and felt all the way to the Milky Way back in mid-August. Thus, confirming that there’s life in another galaxy. This matter is propelled by strong gusts of wind and orbits the Black Hole every thirteen days—meaning that a big galactic storm is coming from another galaxy in the future. However, there’s something peculiar about this energy, as the frequency was felt at a closer range of a hundred light-years away from a gas cloud that is “beating” to the same rhythm as the microquasar.

Oddly enough, this amazing scientific and astronomical discovery was made at the tail end of Leo season, and when Mercury—the planet of communication—was also in Leo. This fiery sign, which is associated with the heart and is considered to be a vital part of our life force, was the main culprit for this cosmic event of great proportions. This means that life was being breathed into our world and that we were seeing energy for the first time.

Once Venus enters Leo on September 6, we can expect to hear more information regarding this celestial matter. Venus, who is one of the brightest planets in the sky, highlights social matters that we need to open our eyes to. In this case, we can expect to see and hear about tales of distant galaxies that are trying to communicate with us. Being that Venus will be transiting the sign that is ruled by the sun (one of the main creators of existence and life), we will find information that will shock our views and social norms. Perhaps there’s life in other galaxies, but they aren’t in the same form as us earthlings—or maybe they are trying to send us messages from the future because, after all, they are light years ahead of us.

Coincidentally enough, the nodes of destiny were also present in the information axis (Gemini and Sagittarius) during this finding, and they will continue to do so throughout Venus’ upcoming journey in Leo. This means that we will gain more insight than ever imaginable. And it will most likely prove to be scandalous due to the sun in Virgo coming to an active square with the lunar nodes of destiny on September 16.

Another important thing to note is that the Galactic Center was and will be activated during these findings. The Galactic Center is a point located in the last five degrees of Sagittarius. It’s found at the entrance to the ominous Black Hole, by the Milky Way, and is considered to be the space of new awakenings and insights (on point for what just occurred, right?). The moon’s south node was aligned with the Galactic Center when the Leo sun and Venus shed light on the extraterrestrial energy. Therefore, we can expect the truth to be further exposed throughout the next month.

Whether or not you believe in life in other galaxies, it’s undeniable that the cosmos is sending us messages right now. Our minds are expanding as a result, which may seem overwhelming at times. Astrology can help navigate and guide us through these times, if we use it to predict the future and how we can cope with such amazing galactic knowledge.

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