North Node in Astrology: Meaning, Signs, Symbol

March 16, 2022

The North Node, or “True Node,” is a point in your birth chart that reflects the moon’s nodes and represents where you’ll learn life lessons.


The North Node represents where the lunar nodes were at the time that you were born. So, it is not a physical celestial body like Mars or Jupiter. But even so, the North and South Nodes in the birth chart are extremely important.

According to astrologer Lauren Ash, the North and South Nodes act as spiritual snapshots of what once was, and what’s to come. “Unlike the planets and luminaries in your chart that show the snapshot of your personality as it is now,” she explains, “your North Node and South Node together show a glimpse into your karmic cycles, spiritual growth, and past lives.”

North Node vs. South Node

So, why does the moon have two nodes? What’s the difference between the two? 

In fact, the North and South Nodes shouldn’t be considered as separate entities. Sitting directly opposite one another in the sky, they work together to form a complete picture. They are symbolic of two halves of our karmic imbalance, according to Ash. One side represents what we’re growing from, and the other represents what we’re growing into. That’s why they are often called the “Nodes of Destiny.”  

Your North Node represents what you’re growing into. “The zodiac sign, house, and aspects to your North Node will show the kinds of experiences we’ll be placed in throughout our life in order to grow spiritually,” says Ash. This type of energy is not something you’re born with, but will have to grow into as you age. 

Your South Node represents the kind of person that you’re leaving behind. While the energy of the South Node represents where we naturally excel, Ash reminds us that they are natural talents that we use to step into our North Node destiny. “The energy of the South Node can also show the areas where we fallback too often or can overindulge,” she warns. “Growth takes risk and discomfort—so, it’s crucial that you don’t rest on the skills of your South Node at the expense of developing your North Node.”

“True Node” and North Node

The “True Node” is a synonym for the North Node. While they have slightly different definitions, they are often used to represent the same thing.


The symbol for the North Node looks like an upside-down horseshoe with circles on the ends of it. 

North Node Signs

Ash gave us some keywords for each North Node placement:

  • Aries North Node: lessons and rewards around themes of leadership, learning balance, stepping out as a leader and star, prioritizing your own goals, cultivating courage, trusting your gut, and embracing your desires
  • Taurus North Node: lessons and rewards around themes of discovering your personal value, establishing boundaries, mutual empowerment through relationships, and developing personal strength
  • Gemini North Node: lessons and rewards around themes of finding your voice, learning to express and communicate your needs, speaking up for what you value, and embracing your unique perspective
  • Cancer North Node: lessons and rewards around themes of learning to fully embrace your emotions, letting go of the need to control, allowing yourself to be taken care of by others, and embracing the balance between work and play
  • Leo North Node: lessons and rewards around themes of sharing the spotlight with others, cultivating creativity and curiosity in your relationships, balancing your ego with humility, and releasing your people-pleasing ways
  • Virgo North Node: lessons and rewards around themes of establishing healthy and mindful routines for personal and spiritual growth, becoming the master of your personal craft, letting go of the inner critic in your head, and cultivating clarity in your work, life, and relationships
  • Libra North Node: lessons and rewards around themes of finding harmony, balance and adjustment in personal relationships, separating your identity from the opinions of others, learning to hold strong opinions, and balancing the pleasures of life
  • Scorpio North Node: lessons and rewards around themes of balance between the spiritual and material worlds, letting go of obsessive qualities or relationships, learning to find peace in the chaos, and tap into your darker desires
  • Sagittarius North Node: lessons and rewards around themes of exploring the unknown, pushing your personal and spiritual boundaries, releasing the need to always be right, and learning how to be more present in the moment
  • Capricorn North Node: lessons and rewards around themes of embracing the softer side of your personality, letting go of the need to self-sacrifice in relationships, connecting more with your inner child, and developing mature self-discipline without sacrificing joy
  • Aquarius North Node: lessons and rewards around themes of balancing between craving the spotlight and your inner humanitarian, learning to accept alternative points of view from others, embracing your weirdness, and marching to the beat of your own drum
  • Pisces North Node: lessons and rewards around themes of balancing chaos and order, learning to ground your emotions in your values instead of people, indulging in a slower moving life, and working more deliberately toward manifesting your dream life 


What is my North Node?

You can find out your North Node sign by checking out your birth chart.

Is your North Node your ascendant?

The North Node is not the ascendant (rising sign). They are two separate entities in your birth chart and reflect different aspects of your personality.

How do you find the North and South Nodes in your birth chart?

Locate the little horseshoes with circles on the ends. They will face different directions, on opposite sides of your natal chart. 

What does it mean when the North Node is retrograde?

Honestly, nothing. “There’s no cause for alarm if your North or South nodes are retrograde,” Ash assures. “In fact, depending on the calculation system you use, the North Node and South Node are nearly always retrograde.”

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