5 Ways to Strengthen Your Psychic Muscles

August 4, 2022

Psychics and psychic abilities are nothing new, but the allure and interest seems to be reaching new heights. But what exactly does a psychic do? And what are some ways you can improve your psychic abilities and connection to other realms?

Everyone is born with their own unique intuition, gifts and psychic muscles. You just have to figure out which types of psychic practices and exercises speak to you the most.

Psychic Types: List of Psychic Abilities

Here are a few psychic abilities to consider giving a try and some tips and tricks for tapping into and strengthening your very own psychic muscles. 

The ‘Clairs’

Clairvoyance is one type of extrasensory perception, which is often described as “clear seeing” or being able to see the future. This doesn’t necessarily mean seeing the future vividly play out on a movie screen, but it can mean seeing symbols or images that represent upcoming energies or messages for yourself or your clients.

There are four main different types of “clairs”: clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), claircognizance (clear knowing) and clairsentience (clear feeling). These are all different ways that our intuition melds with our senses and helps to deliver and communicate information to us.

Mystic mentor Crystal Michelle uses clairsentience, or “the ability to feel and sense the energy around me” in her practice. “This psychic skill helps me stay present in where I am, and who is around me, and when meeting new people I can feel immediately if this is someone in alignment with me or not,” she says. “With my clients, it’s a really cool skill to use because it makes it easier to guide the sessions with them and it helps me to be super understanding and compassionate with them.”  


Mediumship is the ability to exercise our psychic gifts–like the clairs–to communicate with beings and entities of spirit realms,” Kaitlyn Graña, Trance Medium and Mystic Mother to the Next Generation of Psychics, Mediums, and Healers, says. It’s the practice of communication with spirits and souls who have crossed over and delivering messages to the living. “All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums,” Graña adds.

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Astral Projection

Astral projection is often described as an out-of-body experience where our soul and consciousness separates from our body and travels through other realms or dimensions.

“I imagine the psychic realm as an astral pipeline, where you can travel from place to place through these ‘spirit tunnels’  and visit people and places for exploration and connection,” Captolia, Fascination Witch and Psychic Business Coach, says. “To me, astral projection is the act of actually stepping into the pipeline, and letting yourself explore. Letting your spirit take you places … and meeting the guides, angels, symbols, messengers, entities, aliens, and whoever else shows up along the way.”

Some ways to induce astral travel are through meditation, lucid dreaming or breathwork. 

Aura Reading

Aura readings are the practice of honing in on a person’s energy field and personal energetic signature. This is a particular psychic skill that Graña enjoys, and they add that it’s so much more than simply seeing colors.

“I sense what someone is feeling, the theme their life has in the moment that we are meeting, I sense spiritual and psychic attachments, I feel a person’s strengths, their unique gifts, and even their struggles, all by reading the energetic field that surrounds them,” they say. “Auras really are like fingerprints—unique to each individual.” 


Psychometry is the process of picking up on information, history or messages from holding a particular object. Depending on the object, you can pick up information about the person who owned the object or events that transpired in their life.

“When I am in a thrift store I can touch an interesting jacket or a piece of second-hand glassware and instantly get a sense of its energy and story,” Graña says, “the emotional attachments that object may have, the life it lived before they found themselves in my two hands.”

It’s a fun way to flex your psychic muscles and let your intuitive mind paint pictures and send you symbolic messages and meanings.

Energetic Cords

Everyone has an energetic signature and when we interact with one another, we develop an energetic cord or connection. You can visualize this connection through your mind’s eye or use guided meditations to help you access this energetic tie.

“As a psychic business coach, this is one of my favorite ways to utilize my skills is to tap into my clients’ big vision,” Captolia says. “We open the energetic cord and they share whatever information wants to come through. I channel colors, textures, imagery, iconography, literally every piece of their visual aesthetic all the way to visions of them exploding and becoming famous. This process has left people in tears with how accurate and aligned with the visions they’ve always dreamed about but never shared!”

Once you’ve established an energetic connection with someone else, you can pick up and sense their energy, thoughts, emotions and more on an intuitive level. Think of it like a cosmic VIP pass.

There is also the potential to heal relationships in the spirit realm that we don’t feel ready to address yet in our daily lives. Captolia says she also uses this psychic exercise to connect with family members that she’s not ready to confront or greet in real life.

“On the psychic plane, petty human matters aren’t important—so a lot of healing can happen here,” she adds. “In the same way, I love to meet and greet with the spirits of my dead loved ones in the psychic realm, too.”


Scrying is the practice of looking into crystals, glass, water or reflective objects and deciphering specific symbols, images or messages. It’s a divination tool that’s most commonly depicted in Hollywood as someone gazing into a crystal ball. The diviner is using the reflective surface to see visions and peer into the future.

How to Develop Psychic Abilities

Patience + Practice

Like any skill, craft or ability, developing your psychic muscles takes time, dedication and commitment. There are no shortcuts.

“My most important tip for someone who desires to strengthen their psychic muscles is to practice,” Graña says. If developing your psychic gifts is a priority to you, then exercising these gifts must be a regular priority as well. Think of the Eight of Pentacles—it is through our discipline, through dedicating ourselves to a craft or skill, that we are able to gain knowledge, wisdom, and expertise.”

Think of how many hours of practice professional athletes pour into their craft before heading into championship games. Your psychic gifts require the same level of commitment!

“I know this sounds unrelated and may even bring up some resistance, but the truth about developing your psychic abilities is that it will take time,” Crystal Michelle says. “It’s like a muscle, you have to continue to work with it to become stronger and while you practice stay patient and trust that you will see, feel, hear, and notice the results.”

When you put in the time to connect with your gifts and spirit team, the rewards will start to reveal themselves over time. “Remember that psychic development–like all good things–takes time,” Graña says. “Be patient with yourself as you cultivate your craft,” they add. “The more dedicated you are to your practice, the greater your gifts will grow.”

Grab a Deck of Cards!

Another way to access your diving inner knowing and brush up on your psychic skills can be done with a simple deck of cards!

“Knock on the deck three times, maybe blow your breath on the deck, or give it a little kiss. Then, spend some time shuffling the deck until you feel called to stop,” Graña says. “Keeping the deck face down, take a few moments to focus on the top card, and the top card only. Trusting your psychic self, determine whether you believe that top card is red or black. Once you have committed to your choice, flip the card over and find out.”

This is an easy and convenient way you can flex your intuitive muscles on a daily basis.

“Continue the exercise with the next card, and the next–try to get to the bottom of the deck if you can,” they add. “Once you’re ready to graduate to the next level, guess which suit the card is–expanding the possibilities from 2 to 4. When you feel you’re gaining mastery over this version of the exercise, I challenge you to determine which card number–leaving you with 14 possible options. From there, you may desire to intuit the exact card number and suit of each face down card.”

This practice isn’t a race and the goal isn’t to rush into being able to predict every single detail about each card. It will evolve over time and your skill will continue to grow as your nurture and continue to commit to it over time.

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Automatic writing is a wonderful way to ask your subconscious and spirit guides to speak with you. The practice of automatic writing, also known as free-flow writing or journaling, involves turning off your conscious state of mind and allowing the words to flow through you from your subconscious. Let your hand guide you and the mind will follow.

“I have found that when I let my mind flow freely some of the most profound messages from spirit come through,” Crystal Michelle says. “Free flow writing detaches us from our everyday structured and judgmental thinking. When you are separated from this way of thinking it is easier to trust what you are thinking is true. No overthinking or over-analyzing just being one with your most authentic thoughts.” 


Removing distractions is vital and key for tuning into your own psychic frequency and grounding into your abilities.

“The first thing I’d recommend is unplugging (from your phone, social media, Instagram) and sitting in your power,” Captolia says. “Sitting with yourself. And allowing yourself to become a channel. Not forcing an image, not pushing for answers, but allowing yourself to simply sit in a state of pure receptivity and channel messages.”

We’re constantly bombarded by messages and symbols on a visual and psychic level from television, email, social media, podcasts and more, so sitting alone with yourself and reconnecting with your own energetic frequency is a wonderful exercise to open the gateway into your own personal psychic realm. 

Find a Psychic Friend

Finding a friend who is also interested in flexing their psychic muscles is such a wonderful practice. You can commit to a daily practice or weekly session, and over time watch both of your skills evolve. Something like a daily Tarot pull, where each of you pull a card for the day and discuss with one another how the symbolism played out throughout your day can help you tune into symbols and messages from beyond. 

“So much psychic work is about connection, so you have to get comfortable connecting with the channels of other people, “Captolia says. “You could work alongside your bestie or another psychic-curious friend and practice by visualizing an energetic cord between you, with which you use as the ‘telephone wire’ of psychic information exchange. You can practice by imagining colors, numbers, symbols, etc … stretching your psychic muscles and strengthening your psychic connection capacity.”

Repeat this practice over and over and don’t just jump into guessing, but really try to tune into your friend’s energy before blurting something out.

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Crystals to Use

  • Amethyst
  • Labradorite
  • Selenite
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Obsidian 


Are psychics real?

Yes, psychics are real. Are all psychics real? Probably not, but that’s true for any profession. It’s important to use  your own judgment and intuition before deciding to work with a psychic.

Am I psychic? How do you know if you’re psychic?

Yes, everyone has psychic abilities, but it depends on whether or not you choose to believe, nurture and access those abilities. Everyone is intuitive, but people’s connection to the psychic world manifests in various ways. There is no one-size fits all answer.

If you’ve been flexing your psychic muscles and practicing, you will start to have an overwhelming sense or knowing when you are connected to that part of your spirit or soul. It takes practice and commitment and it will start to become easier to recognize signs and messages as time goes on.