Clairaudience: What It Is & Signs

Have you ever heard a soft, hushed voice in your ear? This might be a voice that comes to you during moments of duress, urging you in the right direction and offering messages of reassurance.

Clairaudience is the act of hearing this form of auditory guidance—whether it manifests as a voice or even music—that exists beyond normal perception. This is commonly known as the voice of intuition. Angelic beings, spirit guides, and those who have passed over to the other side can be heard by clairaudients.

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Clairaudient experiences can be very intense and impactful. Messages tend to come through at pivotal moments, expressed with a voice that is hushed and soft but also quite clear. This voice may urge you to make moves, changing your plans and putting you on a different path that is more in alignment with your life purpose. It's best to not ignore these messages, especially if you've been feeling stuck and uncomfortable in your current situation. As uncomfortable as it, change is good.

How to Tell if You're Clairaudient

Do you love to listen to friends, loved ones, and the natural world around you, attempting to understand it? Clairaudients are often wonderful listeners who offer powerful and clear advice. While you may not hear an actual physical voice, clairaudience can also occur through telepathy.

Many who have this ability are able to channel spirit through automatic writing. Your clairaudient intuition will always offer support that guides you peacefully and lovingly in the right direction. If you do happen to be clairaudient and feel overwhelmed by the voices around you, graciously ask them to leave your room. Everyone deserves rest and quiet. It's best to create sacred space when calling in guides and guardian angels, with the intention that only beings in alignment with love and positivity are invited to speak.