Clairvoyance: What It Is, Types, & Signs

Have you ever had a vision so clear that you couldn't ignore it, or a vivid dream that later came true? These experiences are known as clairvoyance, which translates as "clear seeing."

This is your intuition speaking to you through your sense of inner sight, or perhaps even visual perception. Clairvoyants often experience precognitive dreams, which can make their psychic abilities harder to ignore. Walking into a dream in waking life is a surreal experience, offering a window into the mysterious, subtle world that surrounds our mundane existence.

Some clairvoyants physically see extrasensory energies and spirits within their normal vision, but many access their abilities using inner vision. Also known as the third eye, this is where creative visualizations and dreams dwell. Inner seeing is similar to imagination, and many people doubt their clairvoyance until they begin sharing their insights with others.

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How to Tell if You're Clairvoyant

In order to determine whether your intuitive powers are in the clairvoyant realm, consider the following questions: How does your memory work? Do you often visualize your goals using the power of your imagination? Visual artists, directors, and writers are often tapped into this form of intuition. Active dreamers tend to be clairvoyant as well. If you have an aptitude for remembering visual cues and landmarks, you may be able to connect to your own clairvoyant abilities. Starting a dream journal can be an excellent way to begin connecting with your clairvoyant abilities—you may be having precognitive dreams without even realizing it.