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Claircognizance is a clear, deep knowing. It is the feeling you get when you intuitively know what you need to do. Many people experience such moments, referring to them as a gut feeling or inner certainty.

Claircognizance often occurs when we meet strangers who end up becoming our closest friends or romantic partners. The connection is instant: You feel as if you already know the person, and there's no sense of awkwardness between you.

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This type of psychic intuition can strike like a bolt of lightning. The insight can come on strong, and those with claircognizant abilities tend to blurt out their flashes of knowing, surprising unsuspecting friends and family with their incredible psychic sense. This clear knowing can be harnessed through writing down a question you need answered, then patiently waiting for the answer or insight to come to you.

How to Tell if You're Claircognizant

Have you ever had a gut feeling that told you not to take a job offer, or known instantly that a decision you made would impact the rest of your life? These are examples of claircognizant knowing. This is a wonderful form of intuition if you're always having to make quick decisions, and many successful business people are highly tapped into their claircognizant abilities, whether or not they are aware.

Learning to connect with this form of intuition is a wonderful way to start developing your psychic abilities. Next time you get a feeling of total certainty regarding your love life, career or other personal matter, take note of it. Write it down in your journal and record the sensation and emotion that came with it. This simple act of trusting your gut feeling will open the door to connecting with and utilizing your claircognizant abilities.

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