The Sun Conjuncts Venus to Bring More Pleasure to Your Life

June 1, 2020

June 3 brings the most coveted transit of Venus’ backwards journey. The hot-blooded sun will align with lovely Venus. When these two planets link up, it’s called cazimi, or “under the sunbeams,” and our hearts will skip a beat as we connect with others on a deeper level than ever before.

Venus, retrograde since May 13 in chatty Gemini, has been reassessing relationships and ideology. When the sun moved into Gemini on May 20, the planet of love and money went combust. Think of combust energy as a vampire sucking all of the juice out of a planet. In this case, the vampire would be the sun. Combust energy occurs when the sun is in an orb of 8-15 degrees of a planet, absorbing and controling it. One might think this would be positive; however, it renders the planet from living its best life or being free to act accordingly. The sun acts like a helicopter parent who is in control of their child’s life, giving it no freedom.

On June 3, we will receive a break from this tense energy. When the sun and Venus retrograde align at the exact degree, we will reap the amazing benefits of this celestial connection. Food will have more flavor, beauty will be more prevalent in art, our confidence will be at a high, and our romantic sentiments will serve us well in relationships. We can also expect to find balance within communication and harmony within partnerships. Long-standing problems now have a higher chance of being resolved—if both parties are open and honest with their emotions. Sexual fulfillment and flirtations with others will bring us comfort, as well as boost our confidence. All in all, it’s a great time to converse with others and to heal past wounds that have recently resurfaced during Venus retrograde.

This cosmic sweet spot will also push us to make promises. Be forewarned that while we may want to take a leap and extend our hearts freely, the follow-through will be challenging. The reason is that retrogrades often inspire us to take on and give more than we can handle. Offer only offer what you know you can actually deliver. Try not to pledge more than what’s necessary, as plans will change.

Keep in mind that this cosmic alignment occurs two days before the lunar eclipse on June 5. The sun and Venus retrograde will be combust once again, complicating our attempts to gain clarity around the emotions and sentiments expressed during that Sun-Venus conjunct on the third. Our hearts and minds want us to move relationships back to “good”—even if we cannot. Emotional breakthroughs from June 3 may come to light during the lunar eclipse, as we are geared to take action around interpersonal relationships and partnerships. The sun and Venus connection on the third is the trigger point for such decisions.

Art by Lucía Dami