Eclipse Season's Effects Get Even More Extra With Venus Conjunct the North Node

July 16, 2019

When Venus conjoins the north node of the moon, we become magnetized toward new developments in our underlying values, our aesthetics, and desires for pleasure and relationship. Venus has been heading toward a conjunction with the north node in between eclipses, as it entered Cancer on July 3, a day after a total solar eclipse, and will unite with the north node on July 17, a day after a partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn. Venus in the sensitive and caring sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon and under the influence of its changing lunar phases, making its encounter with the north node more charged and potent than normal due to it occurring during a lunar eclipse. Venus in Cancer soaks up the emotions of its environment, yet during this time we will need to turn inward to discern our own feelings.
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What do you truly want to nurture and cultivate in your life? Venus uniting with the north node in Cancer points toward answers being found within the full range of emotion, when feeling empathetic or when reminiscing. However, since Venus will also be forming an opposition with Saturn in Capricorn on July 16, the same day as the lunar eclipse, we will have to face any issues that have been challenging our inner emotional security. Since Venus in Cancer loves to nest, we may feel like mediating the harshness of Saturn by retreating into a safe and secure place to sort through the deep feelings stirred up by the lunar eclipse. While Saturn may trigger issues of rejection and criticism, insecurity and vulnerability, through self-reflection we may gain insights that will lead to positive changes within our relationships and creative process. Enduring the tension from Saturn will cultivate core strength in the heart.
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After Venus forms its opposition with Saturn and conjunction with the north node, it will form a harmonious and flowing trine aspect with Neptune in Pisces on July 18, followed by a cathartic opposition with Pluto in Capricorn on July 21. The influences of Neptune and Pluto upon Venus as it passes through the north node will deepen the pull to rediscover our essential purpose through an intensification of relational experiences. While Pluto will dredge up unconscious patterns that have been impacting our relationships from within, the presence of Neptune can help us cope with deep feelings through injecting imagination into all forms of creative expression. Venus in Cancer can look to Neptune for mediating the intensity of its opposition with Saturn and Pluto (think relaxing with water or fantasizing through art, music, movies, or reading). By embracing our feelings with full participation, the conjunction of Venus with the north node will guide awareness into our inner passions and a stronger sense of what we want to create in our life.
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The month of July involves numerous astrological transits (solar and lunar eclipse, Mercury retrograde) indicating deep-seated changes which will not become clear until the end of the month. Venus crossing over the north node in Cancer during this month of transition will draw us closer to the relationships that help empower and nourish us and call us to restructure boundaries with others and shed any aspects of our values that have become inauthentic. Although Venus in Cancer can feel moody at times, overly sensitive and overly sentimental, the vastness of her capacity to feel will serve as a guide through the darkness of changes taking shape.

Art by Brandi Van Nevel