Venus in Scorpio: Til Death Do Us Part

November 19, 2020

We might be wrapping up Scorpio season, but the intensity still lingers with Venus entering the dark, volatile waters of Scorpio on Saturday, November 21 at 5:22 a.m. PST. Here, Venus is in detriment, which means that it’s not the most comfortable sign for her to be in, because it’s opposite her home sign of stable, reliable, and earthy Taurus. 

For the last month, Venus has been having a party back in her other home sign of sweet and social Libra, but not without her fair share of frustration. Towards the end of this go-around, Venus formed a square with the Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn pileup in Capricorn, prompting some much-needed perspective shifts about who we’re in a relationship with and how we go about our most cherished connections. Perhaps we were forced to reckon with some outdated beliefs in order to let go of connections that have run their course or shown the consequences of how we act in our relationships. Either way, Venus is definitely coming out of her home sign already somehow transformed, a process that is not over even if she is changing signs. Learn all about Scorpio, the most magnetic and sultry sign of the zodiac. 

How Does Venus Behave in Scorpio?

Whereas Venus in Libra reveals more surface-level interactions, flirting, and giving attention to anyone under the sun, Venus in Scorpio typically wants to go all-in with one person. If you met someone recently, you may be inspired to take the relationship to the next level under this transit. Or worse, those unrequited feelings might sting just a little bit more than usual.

That’s because Venus in Scorpio is that feeling of wanting to possess your lover’s soul. Venus’ seductive charm here is her willingness to commit and go all in. In committed Scorpio, she craves intense emotional connection and bonds that go beyond an everyday flirtation. She aims to bewitch and enchant the object of her affection until they pledge their undying loyalty and devotion to the relationship. Intimacy is her M.O. and anything less isn’t of interest to her. It’s an all or nothing transit, sure to ignite the passions within all of us. 

Venus in Scorpio goes in for the kill shot. 
The shadow side of this transit includes obsessive thoughts about our relationships, jealousy over our partners, keeping secrets, and acting possessively. If we can invite honesty and transparency to this transit, to both ourselves and others, it’s an opportunity for us to transform into real wholeness. Instead of running away from these parts of ourselves, let it be an invitation to explore our taboo desires. Understanding these deepest truths about ourselves has the ability to create the intimacy with others we deeply need.

We can only expect others to meet us as deeply as we’ve met ourselves. 
Most of us have traumas and past disappointments that have rocked our spirits, but it’s important to remember that the past does not define us. And the more willing we are to look at how our past relationship traumas have shaped us, the more we’re able to move through them with our partners as opposed to viewing them as a threat. If we approach our relationship from our wounded, egoic selves, we will continue to repeat the same patterns and cycles that have hurt us in the past. It takes bravery to face our darkest depths, especially in such a tender part of our lives like our relationships, but if we can muster the courage, we stand to gain great rewards. Find out how your natal Venus can help you cultivate connection. 

If Looks Could Kill

Since Venus also rules aesthetics, we might find ourselves favoring darker fabrics, richer colors, and sharper edges in our fall fashion. It’s a great time to vamp up your look and embody your inner femme fatale a la Rihanna or Kali Uchis. 

Financially, we might find ourselves receiving larger than normal sums or getting hit with some unexpected debts. Scorpio rules the eight house and other people’s money, so if you are being commissioned for a project, charge full price, and don’t forget to add tax now. We might be more willing now to make smarter money moves that would ensure stability and comfort in the future. Financial safety is a big concern for Venus in Scorpio, so if money feels like a sore subject, doing some mindset work about your personal money psychology would be beneficial now. Ignoring it won’t make it better or go away!

Venus makes two major aspects while traveling through Scorpio. The first is an opposition to Uranus in Taurus on November 27. This could bring shocking or surprising news or insights to our love or financial matters. With Uranian energy, it could go either way. The second aspect is a trine to a newly direct Neptune in Pisces on December 5. Use this as an opportunity to channel something creative, divinely inspired from the depths of your being. It’s a perfect mix for artistic pursuits, but could prove to be confusing in relationships. If things feel foggy in love, wait it out a few days and you might find yourself coming back to your senses.