Weekly Horoscope: April 25–May 1, 2021

April 24, 2021

Prepare for a rather volatile week, because many planets are crossing swords within the heavens above. When challenges manifest in the sky, they are mirrored here within our lives. This means that we are going to face some obstacles as we advance toward our goals and face changes within our relationships. Evolution is the only constant in life as we grow.

The twenty-fifth brings a sharp alignment between Venus in Taurus with Saturn in Aquarius. This square can create stress and tension in our relationships. We may be afraid of criticism and ignore problems. Depression and loneliness are also likely to show up. However, to surpass this frustration, it’s better to face issues head-on and put effort into our unions.

Firstly, this week, Mercury in Taurus also squares Saturn in Aquarius. This will exacerbate our gloomy thoughts and may elicit bad news that has a negative effect on our mental health and well-being. It’s wise to spend some time in solitude when facing more troubling emotions. Focus on work, which will allow you to avert some of the drama. Secondly, Mercury will catch up to Venus on this same day, forming a conjunction between the two in Taurus. This would normally be a tremendously wonderful energy that unites the mind with the heart. While we may want to tell someone we love them, it would be wise to be cautious because the sharp energy with Saturn is likely to bring disappointments and a cold response.

April 26 will bring an electrifying full moon in Scorpio, where secrets are likely to emerge. This lunation will be felt for days before and after and bring culmination to a matter we have been building toward for the past six months. Our intimate needs, desires, and passions will be thrust into the spotlight. As the full moon howls in the sky, prepare to dance with your shadow self.

This can often be a time of great intensity, but also offer us an opportunity for transformation and rebirth. However, as the full moon stands opposite Uranus, shocking and unexpected turns of events are guaranteed. Some of these could be great and well-received, giving us a chance to further our lives. However, some may elicit chaos, causing us to spiral in a whole new direction. Be cautious at this time.

God of the underworld, Pluto, turns retrograde on the twenty-seventh. The fact that he does so during the intensity of this lunation is not without reason. As Pluto rules Scorpio, it shows that something we have been feeling within—or kept hidden from our past—is likely to circle back now and in the months ahead.

April 29 links Mercury in Taurus in a sextile with Neptune in Pisces. This transit may ease our minds, as we are more open to spiritual and creative downloads. This energy will enhance intuition, so it is wise to listen to what the Universe is whispering.

Finally, to end the week, the sun unites in a conjunction with Uranus on April 30. This energy should be more favorable, as we are encouraged to break out of our comfort zone and fly. To maximize the energy of this union, keep an open mind and see what the world brings to you.

april 25th weekly horoscope

Major Transits of the Week

4/25 — Venus in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius

4/25 — Mercury in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius

4/25 — Mercury conjunct Venus in Taurus

4/26 — Full moon in Scorpio

4/27 — Pluto retrograde in Capricorn

4/29 — Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces

4/30 — Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus


A full moon in your solar eighth house will rise at nightfall on the twenty-sixth, Aries. A turn of events regarding a settlement, expense, or debt could finally come.


Be prepared for the unexpected this week, Taurus. A full moon in your solar seventh house will clash with Uranus, which could bring a sudden development allowing you to grow closer with someone or else shatter forever like a firework.


Watch your health and employment this week, Gemini. A full moon this week could bring shocking news.


Romance and passion are on your mind as the full moon rises this week, Cancer. You may suddenly feel like you’re falling in love or realize your partner is not “the one.”


A sudden shift around your domestic life will appear this week, Leo. The full moon clashes with Uranus, bringing the unexpected.


A surprise regarding a communications project will pop up this week, Virgo. Watch what you say and read the fine print for any contract that comes your way.


With a full moon in your solar second house appearing this week, you’re focused on financial matters, Libra. Prepare for a sudden shift in your income or a very large expense.


With a full moon in your zodiac sign electrifying the cosmos this week, you’re hot and in charge, Scorpio. Your partner may be provoking you now to step in a new direction.


Lie low and hide out this week, Sagittarius. A shocking and dangerous full moon in your solar twelfth house of hidden enemies and anxieties will cause ruckus.


A friend or someone in your network could deliver shocking news this week, Capricorn. This could be a sudden goodbye or a declaration that they’ve loved you all along.


With a full moon in your solar tenth house appearing this week, you’re quite the star, Aquarius. Get ready to see a shocking turn of events in your professional life.


The full moon is encouraging you to break out in a fresh new direction, Pisces. But, don’t be too impulsive until you know that you have the strength to follow through completely.