Weekly Horoscope: April 4–April 10, 2021

April 4, 2021

With our cosmic messenger, Mercury, enjoying the hills of Aries now and in the weeks ahead, our minds are filled with excitement and adventure. In this corner of the sky, our planet of the mind electrifies our communications! During this time, we are impulsive in our decisions and ready to proclaim our thoughts. We won’t be in the mood to wait. Instead, we’re ready to go-go-go! Our ideas may be more bold and assertive as we are more spontaneous and direct in our connections.

April 6 brings an especially auspicious transit for romance, socializing, and relationships! Venus in Aries links in a sextile with Mars in Gemini, bringing the perfect blend of charisma, passion, and sensuality. We will feel more confident and assertive in chasing our desires, yet have a gentle touch to truly open ourselves up to connection. This is a magnificent moment to take the lead in dating matters, no matter if you’re single or attached.

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April 9 will bring the sharpest aspect of the week, which may actually dominate most of our attention. Mars in airy Gemini clashes in a sharp square with Neptune in watery Pisces. This transit can put us in uncomfortable and suspicious circumstances. Not only will our energy levels be lower than normal, but we will be consumed by negative feelings, self-defeat, and discouragement. Sudden deceits and scandals may come out or we may even be tempted to engage in less than holy behavior. Don’t let your fears or weakness get the best of you. This is a time to lie low and mind your own business.

April 10 will be a rather busy day, as we will have several planets trading glances. Mercury in Aries will create fireworks in a sextile with Saturn in Aquarius. Our minds will feel clearer and more organized, counteracting the more shady energy of the day prior. Spending time catching up on work, making plans, and organizing our lives will help alleviate any confusion or miscommunication that surrounds us. This alignment favors open, direct, and honest dialogue and can aid us in our endeavors.

Sexy Venus in Aries will also link in a sweet sextile with Jupiter in Aquarius, too. With our two benefics joining hands in a happy dance, we, too, will mirror their harmony. Good luck, blessings, and happiness are assured with these two planets connected. Relationships and socializing will embody a double dose of sweetness. Giving and receiving gifts may take place now, as well as increased popularity and luck. Plan something of great personal importance now to maximize the benefits. Singles should circulate or reach out to potential suitors, while couples should fan the flames of their love.

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Major Transits of the Week

4/6 — Venus in Aries sextile Mars in Gemini

4/9 — Mars in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces

4/10 — Mercury in Aries sextile Saturn in Aquarius

4/10 — Venus in Aries sextile Jupiter in Aquarius

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With our cosmic messenger, Mercury, in your zodiac sign aligning with Saturn in your solar eleventh house, you may have a brilliant breakthrough that opens a doorway to one of your goals, Aries. Search your network for someone who may be able to help you.


As Mercury reaches across the sky and links with Saturn in your solar tenth house of achievements, you could find out that a project that had been in development is finally moving forward, Taurus. This endeavor will lift you to ever-soaring new professional success.


Your planetary ruler, Mercury, links with Saturn this week, Gemini. Someone in your network may provide a notable introduction to you that opens your horizons to soar in new directions.


Mercury in your solar tenth house will link with Saturn in your solar eighth house this week, Cancer. You could hear news about financial matters or a business project that has been green lit that will lift you to higher echelons of success.


Mercury and Saturn will link this week, Leo. This will favor you in all negotiations and legal matters. Make commitments you want to last.


You may find out that a bonus or package benefits that you have negotiated with your employer are up for assessment this week, Virgo. Happily, it looks like you’re in money luck!


With Mercury in your solar seventh house signing a sweet song to Saturn in your solar fifth house, your relationships will flourish this week, Libra. Now is a time to make a promise in love that you want to last.


If you work from home, this week could bring you exceptional productivity, Scorpio. You may feel that your business is flourishing as more projects and contracts come your way.


A romantic message with deep meaning may come your way this week, Sagittarius. However, if there’s something that instead, you’ve been meaning to say, you should do so now.


Exciting news around finances may appear this week, such as a contract for a work-from-home position, Capricorn. Be on the lookout!


As Mercury in your solar third house of communications links with Saturn in your zodiac sign, your mind is clear and alert, Aquarius. This is an excellent week to talk business and make plans.


Mercury in your solar second house of finances will link with Saturn this week, Pisces. This could bring you good news about money from an unseen source who has been supporting you without your knowledge.

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