Your Weekly Horoscope for August 7–13, 2022: Unique Full Moon in Aquarius

August 7, 2022

Starting on Sunday, August 7, Venus in Cancer will create a supportive trine to Neptune retrograde in Pisces. Intuitive cues will come up regarding financial commitments, romantic relationships, and even style. The regressing mystic reveals just enough for the minor benefic to react accordingly. Expect emotions to ebb and flow throughout this watery transit! 

Later on Sunday, Mars in Taurus clashes with Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. As these two come together in a terse square, there is immense friction. Sensual tension is apparent as there is a strong desire to stick with a vanilla passion or entertain dynamic, progressive kinks. Although desire is thick with suspense, there might be some issues with assuming responsibility for actions or even properly working through resentment. Since Saturn retrograde is ongoing, it might be easier for Mars to express its semi-inhibited needs. However, the retrograde could assist with better coping or managing the Martian instincts. 

A few days later, Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, exposing the power dynamics between the two heavenly bodies. Matters of the heart and wallet take a plunge into the underworld as the truth behind such commitments comes to light. With that comes the underlying issues of manipulation, control, and destruction. But life comes after death, so love and finances can undergo an intense regeneration. 

By Thursday, August 11, the sun in Leo will square Uranus in Taurus. Authenticity is complex as the self-assured luminary has a showdown with the stagnant wild child. Unleash all aspects of your individuality during this square by confidently showing up without fear of prejudice, drama, or alienation. Even if you feel misunderstood throughout the square, you can at least feel proud of yourself for bravely standing out in the crowd. There can be comfort in nonconformity!

As the square grinds some gears, Mars in Taurus will sextile Neptune retrograde in Pisces. Dreams of successful conquests and luxurious sexual escapades are possible, but not without honesty. Neptune retrograde is the reality check Mars needs to move forward with high spirits. Revelations of escapist tendencies may peek through as there is potential to gain clarity about sensuality, aggression, and assertion.  

Full Moon in Aquarius

Embrace your individuality under the full moon in Aquarius. With both Uranus and Saturn influencing Luna, there is a tug-o-war between modernity and tradition. Although seemingly erratic yet somehow restrictive, the lunation illuminates the need to show up for the greater community. Honoring every aspect of the self is imperative to create a greater community that appreciates diversity. Surround yourself with open-minded individuals since having a friendly support system is a must! Being enveloped by friends far and wide can assist with chasing after your dreams during the full moon in Aquarius. Technological feats could even come full circle during the full moon as well. Individuals could reach a desired social media goal, whereas companies may introduce a new development. 

Venus enters Leo

A heart-centered approach is the only way to go when the love goddess, Venus, enters Leo! Radiating the warmth of the sun will give Venus an incredibly genial persona. However, a sun-ruled Venus is also remarkably personal as the ego is now heavily involved with romance, commitments, money, value, style, and aesthetics. 

Generous and charming, Venus in Leo tackles love with loyal gusto. Being impressive and self-assured is key to winning over someone during this Venusian transit! Hold your head high when pursuing the object of your desires. Do not be surprised if romantic interests are treated like nobility as Venus in Leo puts their special someone on an untouchable pedestal. Lavishing lovers with expensive gifts, quality time, and adoration is a must!

All that glitters is gold when Venus is in Leo. Money matters are somewhat stable, but the fiery nature of Venus can still allude to impulsive spending. Venus in Leo may encourage us to live extravagantly and, perhaps, beyond our means. So, it is important to stick to a budget to avoid living like a noble on a peasant’s dime. 

Loud prints, glitter, metallics, and bold colors are sure to show up during Venus in Leo. Consider this the Venusian transit that exemplifies a maximalist aesthetic! Adorn your body and sacred space with glitz and glamor. 

Major Transits of the Week

8/7 – Venus in Cancer trines Neptune retrograde in Pisces

8/7 – Mars in Taurus squares Saturn retrograde in Aquarius

8/9 – Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto retrograde in Capricorn

8/11 – Sun in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus

8/11 – Mars in Taurus sextiles Neptune retrograde in Pisces

8/11 – Venus enters Leo

8/11 – Full Moon in Aquarius 

Your Weekly Horoscope for August 7


No matter how diverse your support system might be, you will know who your true friends are under the full moon in Aquarius!


What unique feats have you accomplished? The full moon in Aquarius encourages you to accept recognition as it comes. 


How has your worldview progressed? Consider what you have learned or experienced during the full moon in Aquarius. 


Honoring your quirks, oddities, and eccentricities is a fantastic way to tap into your power when the full moon in Aquarius peaks this week. 


Be with people who compliment your desire for friendship and authenticity in relationships during the full moon in Aquarius. 


Life is unique — just like you! Accept how unusual or unconventional your daily practices are as the full moon in Aquarius comes to fruition.


Passion is not linear, so you should enjoy your hobbies, love life, and sexual desires under the full moon in Aquarius. 


Enjoy the irregularities of your home and family as that is what makes it incredibly unique during the full moon in Aquarius!


Embrace your one-of-a-kind voice and link up with friends who will support your communication style under the full moon in Aquarius. 


Money matters are not a one-size-fits-all during the full moon in Aquarius. Be open to unconventional opportunities and budgets.


Be confident about who you are and how others perceive you because you have so much to offer with the full moon in your sign!


Tap into your inner mad genius by proudly displaying your quirks while the full moon glows in Aquarius.