Sun Square Uranus

Sun Square Uranus Natal

When Uranus forms a square aspect to the sun, it gives you a rebellious personality who is interested in acting and thinking in a more unique manner from the consensus. You naturally are able to perceive and conceptualize ideas that go beyond the boundaries and limitations of the dominant worldviews surrounding you in your family and culture. You are someone who not only receives sudden insights, but is capable of taking decisive action based upon a new revelation—quickly and dramatically changing the direction of your life in the process. As a result, you will surprise other people who are close to you when you begin doing things that upturn their expectations of you. You may be drawn to work within reform movements based upon your ideals that are actively engaged in protest or making innovations within society. Freedom is an important value to you. Not only will you insist on having it within your own life, you will also be drawn to helping other people liberate themselves from restrictive circumstances.

Sun Square Uranus Transit

Today may feel more volatile than normal with some events and experiences upturning elements of your life that had previously brought you a sense of security. When the transiting sun forms a square aspect with your natal Uranus, it will be more difficult than normal to feel stable. You can utilize feelings of increased instability in order to break yourself free from old restrictions. To get the most out of this transit, place your focus on living a more authentic and exciting life—even if some of the changes occurring now feel difficult and unexpected. As you realize a need to release things that had been bringing you comfort, you will also be able to fill the space with new inspiration and enlivening activities. You will feel activated to take risks and engage in activities you had previously restrained yourself from doing. Allow yourself to push past feelings of discomfort in order to step out and begin doing something different.

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