Mars Sextile Neptune

Mars Sextile Neptune Natal

You perhaps dream of the chance to show your true mettle in a situation that's competitive, demanding, glorious, or all of the above. And you're willing to sacrifice almost anything to fulfill that dream. That's both your greatest strength and weakness. It's a strength because you're definitively a defender for what you feel is true and right. You need lofty ideals and even fantasies to fuel the ardor that burns brightly in your heart. You will champion a cause, whether that's for you to be the top competitor in a field, like sports, or for those who've been victimized somehow. Yet, your willingness to give your all can also open you up to subtle and overt challenges that come crashing in on you. You might be so busy chasing after your dreams overhead that you trip over your own feet or miss what would've been more obvious had you steeled your gaze rather than put everything in soft focus.      

Mars Sextile Neptune Transit

A sacred flame is lit in your heart and compels you to act, either to reach for some glorious goal for yourself or right some wrong hurled unjustly at another. You can stoke this flame into a warming fire if you're clear that your virtue and earnestness endow you with a clean heart. But you'll need to keep a watchful eye for what could dowse your body and spirit and what could turn your mostly gentle flame into an inferno. Becoming too attached to your lofty dreams could distract you from achieving them. Instead, allow your motivations to light your actions from the rear of your mind, but keep your eyes and hands-on what's in front of you, moment to moment. Otherwise, you'll face a blaze of your own making. Perhaps it'll manifest in your own body with sickness or an accident since you're not taking care of yourself. Or you raze someone else's defenses with your zeal.

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