Venus opposite Pluto

Venus Opposite Pluto Natal

Born with Venus in opposition to Pluto, you’re drawn toward intense relational experiences that open you up and call you to confront your own value. There is often an important mirroring quality within your relationships, in which key issues of self that you’re needing to explore will be reflected back to you on an ongoing basis. In particular, you will need to face the dynamics of power and control within relationships. At times, you may discover you’ve given your power away in a relationship. But at other times, you may realize ways in which you have been attempting to control and manipulate relational dynamics in order to feel more secure. You may also have an underlying fear of being abandoned, which causes you to become compulsive in trying to prevent the loss of the relationship. As you persist through challenging relational experiences, you will grow stronger in your self-value and ability to fulfill your own needs. In turn, your development in self-love will allow you to create healthier, mutually empowering relationships.

Venus Opposite Pluto Transit

As transiting Venus opposes your natal Pluto, you will experience intensified intimate encounters and relational experiences that dredge up unconscious feelings. As you explore the desires that have been stirred up, you will be able to gain more awareness of unconscious patterns that have been impacting your relationships from hidden realms within. It may feel like an inferno has been unleashed from your depths, and so it will be important to discern the healthiest way to fulfill your emerging needs. It is also likely that you will be made aware of any power and control dynamics operating within your relationships during this time. You may become aware of how you’ve been giving your power away, or the manner in which someone has been subtly attempting to control your reactions through manipulative behavior. Things can get heated during this time. So the more you can make space for self-reflection, the more you will be able to gather insight—rather than inciting conflict and confrontation with others out of impulsive anger.

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