Venus Trine Neptune

Venus Trine Neptune Natal

Being born with Venus trine Neptune gives you an alluring and charming grace, which you are able to embody in your style and creative expression. You are capable of devoting yourself toward an art form, utopian cause, spiritual practice or belief, or anything else through which you can express your ideals and imagination. You are drawn toward transcendent experiences in which you can feel blissful. But you will need to learn how to exist within a mundane reality during the times you’re not able to experience ecstatic heights. You likely have talent in music or the arts, and there can be a glamorous quality to the way you express your creativity that draws public attention to you. It will be important for you to become clear about your inner values and align your aspirations and goals accordingly. Otherwise, you could lose touch with your integrity by getting swept away with external success.

Venus Trine Neptune Transit

You’re likely to feel romantic and seek transcendent experiences within your relationships when transiting Venus trines your natal Neptune. You may feel like planning an intimate, dreamy evening with a loved one, or going out to see a compelling artistic or musical performance with friends. There will be an uplifting quality to this time that you’ll want to share with others you care about. You will feel inspired to inject imagination into all of your creativity, such as cooking a decadent meal or dressing with accentuated personal style. It can be a powerful time to express yourself through any artistic or musical medium, as your inner realm of vision will be activated. But rather than being active, you may also feel like relaxing or escaping into other worlds of fantasy through reading a novel or watching a film. You will also feel more idealistic within your relationships and more compassionate toward others experiencing difficulty. This leads you to do something helpful for a friend in need, or become more involved in charitable work that impacts a wider community.

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