Weekly Horoscope: January 10–January 16, 2021

January 10, 2021

As the planets kiss and clash this week, we are up for some surprises and challenges! 

January 11 will bring a tremendously happy day as mental Mercury forms a conjunction with Jupiter in Aquarius. This will bring soaring thoughts, great optimism, and a whirlwind of ideas. Plans for the future can be made now, especially those of a social nature. Good news and fortune may also appear out of thin air!

Mercury prances onward, next meeting a sharp square from Uranus in Taurus on the twelfth. Planets in both Aquarius and Taurus will be colliding this year, forcing us to realize that a stubborn and fixed position helps no one but ourselves. On the other hand, this transit can bring excitement or an unexpected change to our daily plans. We may brainstorm original ideas and have chance encounters. However, this can also create miscommunication, arguments, and shocking news. Despite the urge to dig in our heels, flexibility and an open mind will get us much further now.
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A new moon in Capricorn arrives on January 13. This luminary will open a doorway for the collective to make long-term plans and build structures with longevity. An ambitious nature will take one far now, as well as strategizing professional goals. Yet, the ruler of this luminary, Saturn, will be receiving a square with Mars, foretelling that we will face opposition to our plans that make it harder for us to succeed. We may feel frustrated and eager to fight back, but this would further exacerbate the situation. The saving grace here will be Venus in Capricorn in a trine with Uranus in Taurus. Learning to set aside random time for hobbies, romance, fun, and creativity will improve our professional output. This influence can bring freedom, stimulation, and fresh experiences, so embrace them. If looking for a mid-week break, this would be a great time for socializing. Singles should also take a chance on love as their opportunities of encountering someone new increase now.

Uranus, our electric planet of revolution, turns direct on the fourteenth. Uranus has been asleep since August 15 of 2020 in the lands of Taurus. During this time, we have reviewed our personal finances and continued our evolution of the global economy. In the months ahead, Uranus will empower us to make more tangible and concrete changes.

January 14 will bring the blazing sun into a conjunction with transformative Pluto in Capricorn. This is a powerful transit, as it can bring both positive and negative manifestations. On one hand, this will greatly increase one’s personal power and our ability to exert influence over all others around us. However, for this same reason, power struggles and conflicts can also emerge. Dramatic situations can occur, which ultimately force us to be reborn and look at ourselves from a different light. As the sun’s energy illuminates some of the darker tendencies within our spirit, we can face them, understand them, and release them. This is a good time to eliminate things that are no longer serving our higher good.

Major Transits of the Week

1/11 — Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius

1/12 — Mercury in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus

1/13 — New Moon in Capricorn

1/13 — Mars in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius

1/13 — Venus in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus

1/14 — Uranus turns direct in Taurus

1/14 — Sun and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn

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A new moon in your solar tenth house of achievements arrives this week, Aries. This will allow you to assert yourself professionally and rise higher. A promotion, new job, or applause could come your way if you work for them now.


Prepare for a new moon on the thirteenth that will open a door to your solar ninth house of expansion, Taurus. You may now move forward on a media, publishing, academics, or traveling endeavor. No matter what, you’re ready for some new heights.


With the new moon in your solar eighth house awakening on January 13, you will be deep in your emotions, Gemini. You could now decide it is time to grow closer with a business or romantic partner or else discuss new ways of improving your union.


As the new moon in your solar seventh house appears this week, you’ll be ready to discuss ways of building your long-term commitments, Cancer. Single Crabs should vision board the traits they want in a significant partner.


Expect new projects or a nice job to appear in the days following the new moon in your solar sixth house, Leo. This will give you a moment to assess how work fits into your schedule.


Open your heart this week, Virgo. A new moon in your solar fifth house of romance will appear on the thirteenth. This bodes especially well for single Virgos looking for new dates!


Find ways to focus on home and family this week, Libra. The new moon in your solar fourth house could help you find more contentment in your domestic life.


Take a step back to brainstorm ideas you have for communications projects, Scorpio. A new moon in your solar third house appears on the thirteenth and could give you the green light to pursue a writing, speaking, advertising, or marketing proposal.


Your financial life can improve if you take action this week, Sagittarius. The new moon on the thirteenth could open a doorway to you for better prosperity.


Take your vision board out and assess how you can build 2021 into the life you truly want, Capricorn. As a new moon in your zodiac sign appears on the thirteenth, a cosmic reboot has come for you and you can now more easily move toward your goals.


Use this time to lie low and recharge, Aquarius. So much planetary activity is propelling you forward this year, so use this time to catch your breath before things rocket forward!


Friends and acquaintances will be requesting your time and attention this week as a new moon in your solar eleventh house appears, Pisces. Make them a priority and you’ll be glad to catch up and discuss your visions for the year ahead.

Art by Tom Archer & @thestrawhatbackpacker