Your Weekly Horoscope for May 8–14, 2022: Jupiter enters Fiery Aries

May 8, 2022

Although major transits are far and few in-between throughout this week, there are some exciting ones to look forward to! As the astrological energy continues to build, keep in mind that Pluto retrograde in Capricorn is in effect and that the eclipse portal is still activated. So, make your decisions cautiously while remembering to expect the unexpected!

There are a few major transits throughout the week. However, the first aspect will be on Friday, May 13, when the sun in Taurus conjuncts the north node in Taurus. As the sun and the north node become aligned, the collective will feel ambitiously secure regarding the trajectory of their fate and destiny. The underlying tone of stable self-confidence will allow each individual to feel rest assured that they are on track with acquiring the comforts of their dreams. Since this aspect is occurring towards the end of the eclipse portal, it may feel like there is finally fated clarity regarding the trajectory of each individual’s TaurusScorpio axis. 

A day later, Mars in Pisces then sextiles the north node in Taurus, acting as an intuitive catalyst. With these two coming together in good faith, Mars will feel inspired by the lunar node. Visions of living the good life, having everything one needs to feel stable, and indulging in every whim come to fruition. A lovely little daydream of what life could be like is all Mars needs to act and work towards the north node’s promises of the future. Having hope that it will all come together will be the source of endurance during this beautiful sextile!

Quarterly Check-In with Luna

At the very beginning of the week, the first quarter moon will be roaring in the sign of the Lion. Since quarter moons can instill a crisis-like mentality, it may be accompanied by a little bit of drama. Leo’s lunar energy could result in some over-the-top theatrics, as the quarter moons will rev up a frenzy of joy, passion, and talent. Impetuously self-focused, the first quarter moon in Leo seeks out opportunities to shine like a superstar in the spotlight. As the lunation stokes fiery independence, it may be difficult to focus on anything else other than individualistic pursuits.

Jupiter enters Aries

Luck will turn on a dime when Jupiter enters Aries on Tuesday, May 10. Now reporting to action-focused Mars, Jupiter will begin aggressively seeking out gratifying experiences. Like spraying hairspray on a lit match, Jupiter in Aries blasts with directed velocity. Headstrong and forthright, Jupiter knows exactly what it will do. Ambition is heightened, as the raw Jupiterian power commands luck to go in its favor. Sensual desire explodes with ecstasy as Jupiter in Aries actively pursues the object of its desire. Since Jupiter in Aries is antagonistic, it may feel like tiny frustrations induce full-blown rage. Every whim takes on a feral undertone during this transit as the collective resorts to its animalistic instincts to conquer, traverse, and detonate. 

Mercury Retrograde Begins

Mercury stations retrograde in Gemini on Tuesday, May 10. Ugh! Although domicile, Mercury retrograde can still be a doozy. Mercurial themes like communication, technology, education, and travel will be skewed during the retrograde. Typically, this is the time to triple-check travel details, back up your devices, clarify gray areas, watch for mistakes in communication, and resist taking on new commitments. Since this Mercury retrograde begins in Gemini, the collective may notice that communication can take on a double meaning if we are not careful with the details. It could result in issues with commuting, and anticipating mishaps in close-knit groups. 

Major Transits of the Week

5/8 – First Quarter Moon in Leo

5/10 – Jupiter enters Aries

5/10 – Mercury stations retrograde in Gemini

5/13 – Sun in Taurus conjunct the North Node in Taurus

5/14 – Mars in Pisces sextiles the North Node in Taurus 

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Your Weekly Horoscope for May 8


The universe is officially conspiring in your favor now that Jupiter is in your sign. Bold and exciting, Jupiter in Aries is ready to help you forge forward in good faith.


How can you assume a more faithful mindset? Now that Jupiter is in Aries, you should reconsider what you believe in and how you view your abundance. 


Start dreaming! Jupiter is now in Aries, expanding your friend group to include new faces and associating you with people who are in alignment with your wishes.


Are you ready for your close-up? Now that Jupiter is in confident Aries, you will be shining brightly in the public eye for your personal and professional accomplishments.


Have faith! Jupiter is now in Aries, encouraging you to have unbridled hope as you anticipate new horizons. Utilize this good-natured energy to explore and expand!


Find your power. Jupiter is now in Aries, acting as a secret catalyst for transformation, bringing forth opportunities to investigate, invest, and merge on a deeper level!


Who makes you feel alive? Jupiter is now in Aries, indicating that all of your attention and passion will be poured into relationships that stoke your inner fire. Enjoy!


Are you ready to be a thrill-seeker? Now that Jupiter is in Aries, your daily routine will burn with enthusiasm. Use this abundance of good-natured energy to enjoy your beautiful life!


Stoke your fire! Jupiter is now in Aries, firing up your desire for joy, pleasure, and sexual satisfaction. This transit encourages you to embody your inner creatrix and seductress. 


Spring cleaning has commenced now that Jupiter is in Aries. Are you ready to breathe new life into your sacred space? Use this lucky transit to revitalize your home life.


Enjoy what you have in your community as Jupiter enters Aries. You may find that there is so much excitement to be found with your friends and even siblings in your backyard.


Money is on the way! Jupiter is fired up in Aries, exciting your possibilities to make and come into money. With Jupiter on your side, abundance is yours to have — get excited!