Your Weekly Horoscope for September 12-18, 2021: Intense Astro-Weather Ahead!

September 12, 2021

We are heading into an intense week in the sky, the most difficult of Virgo season. Your weekly horoscope for September 12 is here to guide you!

At the very onset of the week, powerhouse Mars finishes up his trek through the fields of Virgo. In recent weeks, we have seen an uptick in productivity as the pace of life has quickened dramatically. Also, with Virgo’s ties to physical health, we’ve been given a crash course in what our bodies need—whether it’s more nourishment, activity, or even rest. Mars in Virgo has helped us to assess our lives and attend to the details.

Mars Enters Libra:

Beginning September 14, Mars leaves behind these blooming gardens to dance into the ballrooms of regal and charming Libra. However, with Mars now in its sign of detriment, our red planet will have a great deal of energy but not be sure of which way to use it! On the forefront, this transit brings relationship issues up for us to face—whether that is in the form of increased passion and teamwork in healthy unions or more friction and animosity in antagonistic ones. While there will be increased news in collective engagements and marriages, there will also be an equal amount of separations because Mars will get fired up and cause tension to boil over. Indecisiveness, passive-aggression, and being overtly charming but ultimately fraudulent are the shadow sides of this transit.

Neptunian Dreams of Confusion

Murky weather is forecast for September 14 for another reason—the sun will stand opposite Neptune in Pisces. A confusing, deceptive smokescreen will be cast up around us everywhere that we turn. Our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual defenses will be extremely weakened, so it is advised to be cautious and not put ourselves in the face of danger or temptation. Others may seek to prey upon us. Drugs, alcohol, and fantasy could lure those who face disappointment. The best way to handle this salty energy is to retreat to solitude, avoid confrontation, and embrace your inner creativity.

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The sun in Virgo meets Pluto in Capricorn in a trine on September 16. This will increase our personal power, ambition, and intensity at this time. We will crave deep and profound experiences and seek to exercise our dominance. Personal transformation is very possible now if we take the lead to do so. Eliminating anything that is wasteful of our time, energy, resources, or space is also favored. Relationships with people in authority will also go smoothly now if we step forward to assert ourselves and showcase our ideas.

The final aspect to note this week will be a square between Venus in Scorpio with Saturn in Aquarius on September 17. Prepare for any relationship problems that had been bubbling beneath the radar to emerge, creating division, distance, stagnation, and disappointment. We may feel criticized by others and pushed out into the cold. With the clash of water energy with that of air, it will certainly be a battle between one emotional side and an overly analytical one.

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sun opposition neptune 2021

Major Transits of the Week

9/14 — Mars enters Libra

9/14 — Sun in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces

9/16 — Sun in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn

9/17 — Venus in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius

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Your Horoscope for September 12


Your planetary ruler, Mars, will sizzle across the sky from you this week, Aries. As he fires up your solar seventh house, you’ll begin work on a big project alongside an important partner.


Prepare to get extremely busy, Taurus! When Mars enters your solar sixth house this week, you’ll end up taking on a tremendous amount of work from your employer.


Let your heart erupt with fireworks, Gemini. Now that Mars will be residing within your solar fifth house for many weeks, you’ll realize it’s time to make love, romance, pleasure, fun, and expression a top priority.


As mighty Mars turns a corner to dash into your solar fourth house this week, you’ll be feeling extra emotional, Cancer. As he brings his attention to your domestic life, you may begin to move or renovate your living space.


With Mars electrifying your solar third house this week, you’ll have brilliant ideas matched with the courage to declare them, Leo.


Watch your finances now that feisty Mars has left your zodiac sign to enter your solar second house, Virgo. Your expenses may erupt, so keep an eye on them before they run unchecked.


Feel a shift in the wind as powerhouse Mars enters your zodiac sign this week, Libra. You’ll have the energy, dominance, and courage to tackle all of your most important personal projects now and in the weeks ahead.


As your planetary co-ruler, Mars, takes a deep dive into your solar twelfth house this week, you’ll prefer working in solitude as you develop important concepts and projects that aren’t ready to see the light of day just yet, Scorpio.


Your horoscope for September 12 announces that it’s time to celebrate, Sagittarius! As active Mars brings a surge of energy to your solar eleventh house, you’ll end up seeing your social life erupt with excitement.


Buckle down and get to work, Capricorn. As Mars enters your solar tenth house this week, you’ll have an opportunity to take on major new projects or a promotion that could lead you to triumphant new career heights.


With Mars strapping you into a rocket and shooting you into the sky this week, you’ll be ready for many new horizons, Aquarius. As he brings attention to your solar ninth house, you’ll thirst for travel and new experiences.


Now with Mars in your solar eighth house, it’s an ideal time to address all of your investments and assets, Pisces. You may soon be in the midst of a major large purchase.