Sun opposite Neptune

Sun Opposite Neptune Natal

When Neptune is opposite from the sun at birth, this creates a tension between your idealistic inner visions with your core purpose in life. You have a strong imagination and capacity to inspire others with your aspirations. Yet due to your ability to unconditionally love others and devote yourself to ideals, you need to cultivate awareness of actual reality. It will be important to acknowledge the circumstances you find yourself in rather than the way you wish your reality to appear. At times your hope for what is happening can be out of alignment with what is actually occurring. You will need to analyze whether or not the relationships and ideals you are devoting yourself toward are deserving of the amount of care you put into them. Through relationships and your interactions with others, you will experience disillusionment and other necessary lessons that will help you learn how to effectively integrate your ideals and spirituality into society. Finding outlets for your imaginative nature is key.

Sun Opposite Neptune Transit

You may feel an illumination of your imagination or spiritual awareness that widens beyond previous restraints or boundaries. When the transiting sun forms an opposition with your natal Neptune, you may become inspired by a creative idea. This idea may be strongly connected with your idealism. If you have been living life tightly bound by the rules and regulations of society, you will experience a dissolution regarding life structures today that can open a new perspective from internal sources. However, you will need to be careful of a tendency to fall into an illusion during this transit today. Some ideas may feel exciting but are unrealistic concerning your current circumstances. You may be particularly susceptible to confusion or deception within your relationships, while simultaneously becoming more compassionate and accepting toward others. You will need to stay centered on your personal integrity and boundaries. Find ways to stay grounded and bring as much discernment as possible into your interactions.

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