Weekly Horoscope: September 21-27, 2020

September 19, 2020

Overall, the week ahead will be tough when it comes to communication. Right from the get-go, chatty Mercury in sweet Libra stands off between tough guys Pluto and Saturn retrograde in Capricorn. The words we communicate in our relationships will be of utmost importance. And with the sun entering Libra, the spotlight of our conscious awareness shifts onto all of our partnerships. 

Adding Mars currently retrograde to the mix, we’ll be more sensitive to our frayed edges already, so think twice about what you are saying and to whom. What you say has the potential to cut deep and be destructive. But if you can breathe deep and keep a cool head, there is a real possibility to create long-lasting fundamental agreements in your relationships. 

You might not see eye-to-eye the whole way through, but Mercury in Libra teaches us about the art of compromise. Our words carry extra weight this week, so use them responsibly. 


Sunday & Monday: Mercury in Libra square Pluto Rx in Capricorn

Tuesday: Sun enters Libra

Wednesday: Mercury in Libra square Saturn Rx in Capricorn

Thursday: Mercury in Libra opposition Mars Rx in Aries

Sunday: Mercury enters Scorpio

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This week leads up to a showdown between messenger god Mercury in your seventh house of partnerships and Mars—your ruling planet—recently stationed retrograde in your first house of self. You’ll be feeling the friction leading up to it all week, with Thursday as the day the opposition is exact. On the same day, the moon will also be in your tenth house, making your career-related needs of utmost priority to you this week. With Saturn re-structuring your entire career sector, making a tense square to both Mars and Mercury this week, how you react and what you say around your co-workers, business partners, clients, or customers has far-reaching consequences. If you happen to get a NO when you really wanted a YES, take it as a sign to finally slow down.


Pay attention to any stern messages that force you to change the way you think about how you spend your day-to-day. You might be tempted to stay focused on the practical and mundane side of life, but the planets are asking you to do some soul-searching instead. You might be surprised to find some important answers by taking ample amounts of alone time this week and for the rest of this Mars retrograde. Pause any social plans and focus on yourself. There are some major mindset shifts available to you this week, especially around the topic of how to incorporate more balance and harmony into your daily routines. 


A conversation with someone in your social network or friend group could turn disastrous or transform the nature of your relationship for a considerable amount of time this week. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is playing nice in Libra, so perhaps it’s related to some aggression coming from someone you know. Either way, you’re feeling Mars’ heat this week as Mercury makes an opposition to the red planet and a square to stern Saturn and dark Pluto. The good news is you’ve got logical and charming Libra on your side, and if anyone understands the art of choosing their words carefully, it’s you. 


Mercury has been moving through your fourth house for the last couple of weeks, pulling your focus and attention onto all things home and family. You’re deeply familiar with this area of the chart because it’s home to the most tender and sensitive side of us. Your mind has been preoccupied sifting through information from your past, and this week will have you coming to some major conclusions about who you’re closest with. Mars retrograde is asking you to take a breather on your career trajectory right now, and focus on nurturing yourself for the time being. Huge revelations are in store, and they come with some sweet residual effects!


The way you express yourself might ruffle a few feathers this week, lovely Leo. As the sun lights up Libra, your third house of communication, a compromise or conversation is front and center on your mind. You and someone you’re in regular, daily communication with—whether it’s your live-in partner or co-worker—might experience some gridlock. But with Libra and Mercury boosting your communication zone, you’ll know exactly what to say to keep the peace. Avoid overthinking as much as possible and let this moment expand you beyond the confines of your comfort zone, and help you see the bigger picture. This will most likely end up being a teachable moment for you. 


Your focus is being pulled to self-worth and money related matters this week as Mercury in Libra faces off with Mars retrograde in Aries. This Mars retrograde transit is asking you to rely on yourself and not lean on others’ valuable resources, whether that’s their money or their body. Conversations with anyone you’re currently romantically linked with might be fraught with frustrating limitations. This will require some shadow work on your part for the next two months. Examine the ways you sell yourself short and you’ll have made good use of the transits of this and the next few weeks. 


As much as you hate conflict, dear Libra, this week is charged with frustrating conversations with people you hold dear. Trusting your instincts might be challenging, especially as the quality of certain relationships become tenser. You’ll have the gift of the light of the sun on your side, highlighting your perspective for the other to see. What grievances have you been harboring against your partners recently? Your resentments have the potential to explode if you are unable to properly assert and express yourself to others right now. Leaning on the structures that keep you safe and secure and committing to a healthy amount of self-care this week can ease some of the tension between you and your loved ones. 


Your intuition is sharp this week with the sun entering Libra, your house of all things subconscious and unseen. Pay attention to any visceral downloads early in the week that are sure to transform your perspective in some shape or form. Trying to do too much this week will have you stressed and burnt out. Since Venus has been blessing your career zone, you’re likely seeing lots of exciting opportunities coming your way. But don’t bite off more than you can chew, otherwise, you will end up disappointing yourself and others. Take tiny but constructive steps towards your daily to-do list and avoid overscheduling yourself. 


As a visionary, your mind is always on the big picture. It has been accentuated with Mercury traveling through the part of your chart that signifies your biggest hopes and dreams. With the sun entering Libra this week, more of your conscious awareness is centered on how to accomplish such tasks. Mars retrograde is asking you to slow it down and get creative about incorporating more pleasure into your life. The real lesson for you is remembering that you are worthy of such grand visions manifesting. Tap into your inner child and remind yourself that you are doing it all for them.


Your house of career (your favorite!) is being spotlighted this week, with the sun entering Libra bringing more eyes on you and what you’ve become known for. You’ve been going through such intense transformations this year, and this is a welcome reprieve, but don’t expect things to happen overnight. You’ll likely want to heap piles of commitments on your plate, but Mars retrograde may be having things take a lot longer to get done than you expect. Are you overworking again to avoid some tender family or foundational issues? Set some firm boundaries about what you need and what you expect from roommates, relatives, or immediate family.


Though your communication skills are one of your biggest strengths, this Mars retrograde period is making it difficult for you to assert yourself effectively. The cosmic forces are sending you some very hard limitations and powerful messages, so pay attention to what your intuitive downloads are saying this week. The realizations you come to have the potential to give you a much-needed fresh perspective. If you can’t find the words this week, don’t force it or be too discouraged. There’s a lot of energy working for you from behind the scenes and it may not make logical sense right now.   


Keeping track of your finances is especially important for you right now as Mars slows down and retraces his steps in your second house of money-related matters. Whatever collaborations that aren’t aligned with your highest good are up on the chopping block. Frivolous purchases are not advised and stacking your paper will get you through this Mars transit. Self-worth issues that have plagued you for too long are transforming in a big way this week. Keep investing in yourself, as looking to others for confirmation of your inherent value will backfire. 

Art by Dorian Legret

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