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Year of 2016: The always on the move Aquarian plays it true to form in 2016. Uranus, your ruler, still occupying the Third house nurtures your need for constant learning, offbeat conversations, and short journeys off the beaten track.

More curious and ambitious than ever, the craving for sexy affairs of the heart is quite strong. Jupiter, the largest star in the heavens, is in the house of intimacy, and in September he enters the house of faraway places and that yearning becomes too strong to ignore. For that single Aquarian who truly follows his heart it could be you find love on foreign soil.

To satisfy these desires, even if they are brought down a notch, you may be working harder to attain the necessary funds.

With Neptune, the star of illusion, disillusion, and dissolving conditions, in the house of income, you'll be fine-tuning that area of your life and the last four months of the year could see you not only improving your financial situation but exceeding your expectations.

Year of 2016: For as much as you like to be in love, this upcoming year it could be most of you Water Bearers are satisfied with what you have, especially if you are already in a relationship. The outer planets, those heavy-hitters that won't let us relax, are in the eastern hemisphere, the area of your chart that's all about just plain getting the love you want, your personal interests satisfied, and continued self-improvement.

That doesn't mean, though, that your sex life is status-quo, you are just as experimental in this area as ever. There are four eclipses this year and March and September are highlighted for those minor corrections in relationships that eclipses bring. A stable relationship could go through a sexy makeover, but a shaky one will be on thin ice.

While there is a possibility of a torrid affair in 2016, it isn't one that you want the world to know about (nor should you consider if you're not both single and on the same page). If you do, with Pluto in the Twelfth House of secrets and in lucky aspect to Jupiter in March, June, and again in November, you could escape prying eyes with a romantic getaway, possibly to a foreign destination. This tiny but powerful star wants to keep love hush-hush to savor the intimacy and heighten the mystery.

There could be more than one of these erotic and secret affairs but the early months of spring would be the time when the affair would have the strongest impact and best chance to form a lasting bond.

The Solar Eclipse of September 1st is in the Eighth House of intimacy, transformation, and your partner's finances. Aquarians aren't into do-or-die romance, but this Eclipse could provoke an exception to the rule. It can also mean a change in your spouse's or current lover's finances.

Neptune spends all of 2016 in the place of you-belong-to-me and he is the champion disturber of the peace... but in a sneaky way. Add this troublemaker to the secret romances already brewing and together they ignite a fire that isn't containable.

Aquarians are smitten with almost all new prospects, especially the unconventional. Oh, you'll try a straight and narrow coupling, but what really turns you on is the unavailable, the seemingly unattainable, or someone as offbeat as you are. It would seem that whenever Neptune is involved he brings with him an assortment of these people. This transit may not get a seal of approval from convention but it does guarantee that you get more than your quota of romantic moments this year.

Year of 2016: Saturn, the architect of destiny, has spent the past two or three years in the Tenth House of your career. For many of you this means you are finally in a place where you feel comfortable about your achievements and you can move on to satisfy other needs.

For those of you who feel this satisfaction, the absence of stars in the Sixth House also suggests the workplace is stable. For the not quite satisfied employees both the March 8th Solar Eclipse and a September 16th Lunar Eclipse could bring an opportunity to experience that positive change you are searching for.

Mars, that fast moving star of strong ego drives, is in the Tenth House as the year begins, Aquarius, stirring your ambitions. He remains in this highest place of achievement until September and then moves into the Eleventh House where you may suddenly feel the need to include others in your goal to solidify your future. The Eleventh House is the place of group relationships and so it's not the time to be a loner. From now until June of 2017 team action gets you where you want to go.

We can't forget Neptune is in the Second House of finances and it could be that money comes from unusual places this year, whether that be a wild investment, an increase in salary, or even a lottery win. Those sly devils that are the eclipses are triggering your romantic life and also double dipping and effecting your career and finances.

With two eclipses in the Second House this year, both in what it is you earn and in your career could experience more financial stability. Here again the larger-than-life gift giver, Jupiter, sticks his nose in the mix and it could even be your partner's career or finances that give you a welcome boost in lifestyle.

2016 is a good year but 2017 is even better as behind the scenes you prepare yourself for more achievement, Aquarius!

Stronger, Smarter, Better, Hotter… your 2016 Horoscope will guide you where you've never been!

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