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Year of 2016: Mercury, your ruler, runs rampant this year and so do you, Gemini. As the year begins he stops in his tracks and reviews his status, and sets a pattern for your behavior for the upcoming twelve months.

This year this occasionally superficial but darling rascal makes his list and checks it twice (that is, moves into retrograde motion) four times instead of the usual three. He is a tad more impulsive than usual but the big news is he is taking on Saturn and actually opposing that stern taskmaster all year.

During those times when testing is inevitable, there is no end to the targets: romantic unions, friendship, or career. You'll get in there and dig deep and this could be one of the most transformative years in decades.

You want your way this year and will use any means to achieve that end. With Neptune holding tight to your Tenth House you have decided that your career must have more personal meaning, and look for more authenticity in all areas of your life.

The largest star in the heavens, Jupiter, is helping you achieve inner peace in the Fourth House, the place of home and family of origin, and in the Eleventh House, too -- bringing new pals your way, and a possible special love interest.

Year of 2016: It's not easy for Gemini to follow rules but that's exactly what might be expected of you during the upcoming year. With Saturn sitting in the Seventh House of committed relationships and opposing your Sun, you've been ducking and dodging but this is the year you conform.

Engaging in chatter is what you do best and if you are in love it's time to confess, as that awesome or inspiring conversation has to take place before love can begin. If there isn't an intellectual simpatico between the two of you, the relationship can at times be rocky.

When you really fall for someone, bells ring, lights flash, and the angels sing, and that's because it's seldom that genuine love comes to stay. For you there is a mental side to authentic emotion and a lot of time and thought goes into serious commitment.

With two dramatic eclipses in romantic Pisces, one on March 8th and the other on September 16th, you can expect a fated new romance or a beneficial shakeup in an existing affair. These two messengers bring new truths, and reveal conditions you never dreamed could exist.

Neptune in Pisces simply puts rose colored glasses on the two of you, and the scene is set for the kind of stuff of films and novels. It's love that's out in the open for all to see, and if you could you'd hire a sky writer to write the words among the stars.

Gemini has been known to often speak out inadvertently and doesn't really mean to be thoughtless, but it can often happen that way. With a Solar Eclipse in Virgo on September 1st, the words have more impact but it won't be until the Lunar Eclipse two weeks later that those words are tested. The silver-tongued Gemini though knows how to handle both words and a difficult situation.

The stars of late 2016 are more intimate and binding than they may have been in some time. Whether or not that dream of romance is fulfilled, the whole year is packed with dreamy nights and days of romantic adventure.

There are some conclusions that have been drawn throughout this year and it could be that, yes, you do want what your partner has been asking for. You've tried deeper intimacy and it agrees with you and the last few months of the year are the proof you've been looking for.

Year of 2016: Gemini is multi-talented, but even you may be wondering at this time what your real life work is since in 2016 finances don't seem to be the goal. Bottoms line: You are gifted with a talent for communication and any career changes ahead are all for the better.

Two eclipses in the Tenth House, March 8th and September 16th, are ruled by Neptune, the star of not only glamour, but artistic and creative genius. If you position yourself in a creative field you will double your chance of true career satisfaction.

To add to the creative intensity, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune are positioning themselves in a geometric pattern that dares you to be selfish and satisfy what may feel like a pipe dream. The week of March 20th the intensity reaches a peak and there could be the hint of an opportunity that seems just beyond your grasp at the moment, but could come to fruition in the coming months. These stars are conflicted and sending mixed messages with Saturn telling you to work hard, while Neptune is telling you that you are a shoo-in.

Setting the scene for the success that can be available later in the year is Mars the instigator in retrograde motion in the Sixth House -- the sweat house of repetitive tasks. When Mars goes through this house it's hard to be a team player and for your own safety (he will stir you up) try to position yourself where you will be working with others as little as possible, as this is a long transit.

September 1st brings a Solar Eclipse in Virgo, challenging your Gemini Sun and you may have to stick with the truth and nothing but. But if you haven't, this is the month when those in charge can be difficult. On September 16th a Lunar Eclipse in Pisces -- Neptune ruled once again -- gives you a glimpse of the on-the-job glamour that could be available to you.

2016 is a year of choices and you should pace yourself if you are contemplating change, Gemini!

Stronger, Smarter, Better, Hotter… your 2016 Horoscope will guide you where you've never been!

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