gemini Yearly Horoscope

Year of 2023

Do you have what it takes to be more successful than you were last year, Gemini? Keep reading to learn more about your career opportunities in 2023.

Saturn, the serious hard worker of the zodiac, starts out the year in independent Aquarius, which means experimenting and making innovative moves will pay off at least through March. Gemini, the rebel in you takes center stage now, and the Universe encourages you to be your unique, weird self. 

This pays off particularly well with creative or tech jobs, but even if you’re in another field you can benefit from this individualistic vibe that encourages you to be proud of your special talents and abilities and use them to the greatest extent possible to increase your success.

A fortunate sun-Saturn conjunction arrives mid-February, indicating that your career could take off in some way. You can’t plan for it, but this patient, disciplined transit is almost always linked to efforts paying off via an increase in wealth (promotion, impressive salary increase, bonus).

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