Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Week of April 14, 2024

This week, you’re in touch with peaceful energy.

The week begins on Sunday, April 14, with Mercury in Aries making a semisextile to Jupiter in Taurus. Your wishes are heard by the Universe today, so be careful what you ask for. Gemini, you might be irritated and request things that aren’t really on your list. A better use of  this energy would be to review your goals, congratulate yourself on your progress, and ask the Universe for assistance with the next steps.

On Monday, April 15, Mercury conjoins Chiron in Aries. You might interact with a friend who has such healing energy that you feel like a new person. It’s possible you are getting together to do something healing together, such as a drum circle or sound bath. Or you might sit together and journal in the park.

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