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Year of 2016: Dramatic, generous, and romantic, Leo, you are everyone's dream date... and 2016 isn't any different, except that you could be even more giving.

Jupiter, the gift giver, could outdo himself this year with the beautifully wrapped baubles given for no particular reason. He's in the Second House of you-belong-to-me and there is an abundance of intimacy and good feelings.

If you have one -- or if you want one -- a love affair emits the glow that films and novels are born from. The majority of the stars hover around the place that signifies your partner zone, and they are flashing a green light with almost any new idea you conjure up.

You could be tempted to totally overlook restrictive Saturn in the place of letting the good times roll. He does keep nudging you in the direction of making a commitment to that long-time love, improving your performance on the job, and keeping a watch on finances.

It will become harder and harder to ignore his nudges this year, especially with the wildcard eclipses doing their job. They are shining their light on the financial houses and reminding you to keep it all real and not take unnecessary risks. Overall, you couldn't ask for a better year to expand on both your emotional happiness and your financial future.

Year of 2016: When you love, you love hard, and long. Deep down inside, Leo, you mean for the relationship to last forever and although it is sometimes doesn't work out that way, you do have that intention. In 2016 that same adrenaline rush is in the air for the single who want to meet someone, and for those already in a relationship, their affair deepens.

The star of imagination, magic, and mystery -- Neptune -- is in the place of intimate one-on-one encounters. Be careful, though, especially if you are in a fresh new twosome, that you don't see and believe what really isn't there, as that kind of illusion is Neptune's specialty.

Two of the Eclipses, one on March 8th (Solar) and the other on September 16th (Lunar), are aiding and abetting this rose-colored deceiver who has taken a lease on the intimacy house of your chart. Being in this house, the place of close-the-door-and-throw-away-the-key, you can expect erotic sparks to fly all year.

The summer months see the background music of your relationship changing and the two of you are turning a new corner in your romantic journey together. You could even be lulled into an impetuous move. The day to day tempo is about to become more exhilarating if there could be more excitement in your headstrong romantic life.

On September 9th, Jupiter moves into the Third House of discussions, and two more eclipses add to the excitement and depth of that chatter. Jupiter is sequestered between the September 1st and 16th eclipses, which will accelerate the wicked conversations that are taking place between the two of you, and are such a turn on.

The two of you begin thinking seriously about the future and the feelings are really strong, but are they strong enough to make it legal? If not, consider just sharing your nest for now. When Leo spots that certain someone, it's going to be full speed ahead -- you give it everything you have.

Mars, that gangster of love, is in this exciting brew and the strong silent star doesn't use words as much as he does actions. Something big is about to happen and you can feel it within your soul. Enjoy this year, Leo, as it is an exceptional time filled to the brim with possibilities. You could be slightly on edge, and that's probably why you are checking your phone, texts, and email as many times a day as you do.

Year of 2016: Saturn, the architect of destiny, has spent the past few years preparing you for an upswing in your career and now that this planet is in the Fifth House, it could be you are more comfortable about the direction you are moving in. For more than a few years you have been redefining or restructuring your career and many of you have actually changed careers.

When the cosmos calls for change, Leo, it indicates it in more than one way. You have had Pluto in the Sixth House, the workplace or the solar sweat house as it is often referred to, for more than five years and this has been slowly bringing transformation to the workplace.

With these two heavyweights working together you are beginning to become more at ease with change or the contemplation of change, and handling this slow transformation with that special cool, calm demeanor you alone possess.

Mars, that fast moving star of strong ego drives, is in the Fifth House for a good part of 2016, stirring up your creative juices, your ambition, and endowing you with even more brazen confidence. He remains in this place of achievement until September and then moves into the employment house where you begin to use those creative ideas and ambition to your benefit. Those sly devils that are the eclipses are double dipping and effecting your career and finances as well as your romantic life.

We can't forget that Jupiter is also in the house of finances, and it could be that incoming funds are increased and they don't have to necessarily come from your salary. For a Leo it could be a wild investment, or even a lottery win. 2016 is a good year, Leo, but 2017 is even better as behind the scenes you prepare yourself for more opportunities and achievements!

Stronger, Smarter, Better, Hotter… your 2016 Horoscope will guide you where you've never been!

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