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Year of 2016: Your ruler Venus is pushing you this year, as she scoots through all of the twelve signs and then some, waking up old dreams, forgotten talents, and stirring new ambition.

By mid-October she's right back where she started in the house of communication along with sometimes prissy Saturn, who behind the scenes is quietly refining your everyday chatter. Venus ends the year in the house of love and December could be that important month that sees you making an important change.

Jupiter lends a helping hand and takes the form of an angel whispering in your ear, and you'll seem to intuitively know all the right words and moves. In September he moves into your own sign of Libra and you enjoy the limelight fully.

Jupiter in Libra opens the door to the good life, and lightens up your personal life as well as your relationships -- both personal and professional. This cosmic gift giver is increasing your self-confidence, your sex appeal, and your charm... and it shows, Libra. You're magnetic this year.

Year of 2016: Venus, your ruler, is on the hunt this year as she dashes in and out of all the houses of your chart. Toward the end of the year she begins to retrace her steps and returns to the house of the sexy come-back, the place of candlelit dinners, and the house of love at first sight.

The cosmos has churned out challenging energy for your love life over the past few years, Libra, and it could be some of you acquired a few wounds and possibly aren't ready to introduce a sexy someone to the public. Jupiter is in the Twelfth House of behind the scenes activity, also implying that the flirtatious Libra is keeping a secret.

With Uranus in the powerful Seventh House of partnerships, you may have been tempted to change partners often. If you and your love interest are still together after the past several years, there's a good chance that he or she is a keeper, maybe even the love of your life.

In March, a Lunar Eclipse in your sign turns a magnifying glass on you and your partner. Eclipses help to see the person behind the mask they put on for the world... and it could be you -- the indecisive Libra -- are forced to take a good look, whether it's in the mirror or in the face of a lover. Secrets are revealed during a Lunar Eclipse.

The entire year the emphasis is on you, or just who is the real you. On the lighter side, whether or not you are in a relationship your inner vivacious vamp is always there in the wings and it could be during the March 23rd Lunar Eclipse that vixen comes out to play. By the time September rolls around and Jupiter moves into your own sign, the tempting soul in question is playing for keeps.

We can't forget Mars as a key player in this upcoming year, Libra. He is your ruler Venus's constant lover, companion, and partner in crime and he is out of bounds a great part of 2016, which means in matters of love he's thinking way out of the box. Whether you are single, dating someone, or in an exclusive relationship, it will be wildly adventurous as a result of the electricity bouncing off of these two charismatic stars and their willingness to venture into heretofore-uncharted territory.

Year of 2016: Saturn is the architect of destiny, while Jupiter is the gift giver, and if you have been dissatisfied with your career, or searching for a new avenue to shine your light, you are very close to finding it with these two heavyweight stars working for you. Saturn has not been in the Third House of your chart very long but he is already changing the way you communicate -- and your superiors are listening.

It could be, too, that there will be positive changes in income as he has left the Second House where he restricted your income somewhat. For the next two years your skills are being sharpened and funds flow more freely. When he finishes his sojourn in the Third House, you are poised and ready to step into that new position that beckons.

As if that isn't enough Third House activity, the warrior Mars in this place picks up the tempo of your daily life and your energies are going to be very high. You can accomplish more in a day than you thought possible, but watch that you expend this energy in projects and not conflicts with co-workers. This is a milestone transit for you.

Libra, 2016 holds two eclipses in your Sixth House of employment. The first is on March 8th (Solar) and the second on September 16th (Lunar), and the months in between these two game-changers could indicate transitions in the workplace. This wild card eclipse bonanza is going to set up the beginning of a new cycle of development. It could be along that with Jupiter prominent you expand your horizons with travel and find yourself in a place of new opportunity.

In matters of career we can't forget Mars, the instigator, and when he is out of bounds as he is this year, your creative juices are at an all-time high. If there is a pet project you have stowed away for another time, he reminds you of that dream in spring and summer.

Mars retrogrades between April 17th and June 29th, so if you didn't get the message the first time, he spends all this time reminding you of a forgotten or discarded dream. It could be that your new presentation of an old idea succeeds beyond your expectations. Go, Libra!

Stronger, Smarter, Better, Hotter… your 2016 Horoscope will guide you where you've never been!

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