Weekly Overview

Others will follow your lead (and gladly!) as the week begins, with Monday offering plenty of opportunities for teamwork and creativity under your command. Get ready to surrender the reins by midweek, though, as you take the role of listener and confidante. Others will appreciate your advice and insight, and you'll have fun dispensing wisdom from on high. Toward the end of the week, all your best qualities -- your easygoing charm and diplomatic manner, especially -- will be magnified. Expect to command center stage well into the weekend. On Sunday, make peace with the changes (especially the financial ones) that are coming your way.

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Grounding Elements - Crystal of the Moment

Sun in Aries: Let's Grow Together

Welcome to spring! Yesterday, the solar zodiac hit the reset button when the sun went into Aries at 9:15am PST. Now, let's all grow together.

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