libra Weekly Horoscope for the Week of October 10, 2021

Week of October 10, 2021

This week, love and friendship are knocking on your door. Libra, opportunities are near.

On Tuesday, October 12, Mercury retrograde in Libra, in your house of confidence, makes an inconjunct to Uranus in your house of disappointments. Libra, today focus on laughing at your follies and foibles because there is no way to eliminate them entirely. Show others that you are a good sport and not perfect. You will gather more friends and support than ever before.

Toward the middle of the week on Wednesday, October 13, Venus in Sagittarius, in your house of communication, makes a sextile to Saturn in your house of romance. Today, you may get the text or phone call you have been waiting for. Libra, this may be someone you recently met, and now they have the time to chat or even meet. This is a great time to reach out to someone you're interested in or to return the call of the person who is pursuing you.

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Weekly Love

You’re no longer taking risks when it comes to matters of the heart. You’re only choosing to connect with people who share the same views and beliefs as you. If they don’t align with the way you think and feel, then you are choosing to fully disconnect from the relationship. 

When the sun and Jupiter retrograde connect on October 15, two days after Venus in Sagittarius and Saturn in Aquarius connect, you will find that it’s in your best interest to take romance seriously. Rather than having fanciful and flirty conversations with the...

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Weekly Work

What do you enjoy at your job, Libra? As this week’s astrology unfolds, you may begin to reconsider where you draw inspiration from and what creative liberties you take in your role.

When Saturn stations direct on Sunday, October 10, your sense of responsibility is enacted in your sector of creativity and passions. Saturn is asking you to own your curiosities—from what drives your passion to what inspires you at work. You may even have to be more accountable for what you want to monetize. Saturn being direct can also give you a boost...

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Weekly Dating

You will need to be a little extra patient with your people early this week, if only because nobody else will. Try to adjust your life to their weirdness rather than the other way around. Your creative energy will be flowing for most of the rest of the week, so it's a good time to get artsy-craftsy and make something beautiful. At some point over the weekend, you will feel the need to check in with someone close who's been acting strangely lately.