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Year of 2016: Here you are in 2016, Pisces, deep into the magic of the once-in-a-lifetime transit of your ruler, Neptune, to your Sun. More than likely you are redefining your romantic world, reshaping your body image, and even contemplating finishing that novel.

Although you do have a list of priorities for the year, love is your first concern and your romantic life is on fire! Good times are very much on the agenda with two eclipses in your own sign, and it's all about you -- what it is you want, whom you love, and what you look like.

Behind the scenes and prodding you firmly is the very wily and wise Pluto, taking up residence in one of the health houses. This is the year you begin a stricter and healthier daily regime as the need to take better care of yourself continually grows and you just could become your own project.

From January through September it's all about love, personal pleasure, and your body image. In September these are still priorities but your romantic life becomes lustier and more sex driven, while your mind turns toward finances and career.

Year of 2016: Neptune's influence on your Sun spells more romance for both singles and couples than you've experienced in this lifetime. With Jupiter in the Seventh House for the past five months, your love life is already hot. This year you are meeting many new and exciting people, and for some of you a marriage is in the wings.

There could also be the renegade Pisces who loves complications and falls in love with the wrong person, someone already taken -- perhaps your married boss, or that bad boy/bad girl who has been tempting you into a relationship.

Two star-studded months stand out in the upcoming year, and they are March and September. March has almost half of the Zodiac band winking at you from your own sign of Pisces, including a Solar Eclipse on March 8th. Your powers of seduction are at an all-time high and tinged with romantic abandon that stretches out through the whole year.

Then there's that Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd in Libra that adds not only lust but a touch of monetary reward to the month. For those who don't know what an Eclipse is or what one does: it's the wild card in the deck, the card that changes your hand, upsets the game, and usually wins you the pot.

On September 1st a Lunar Eclipse in your Seventh House might be jarring. If you wanted to make a change back in March and didn't, it could be you do it now. Two weeks later on September 16th comes yet another Eclipse, this one in your sign, and it brings you back full circle to that relationship with yourself.

It will be me, me, me, for some time to come. Enjoy it, lavish yourself with indulgences, and explore the myriad of ideas or possibilities that surface from the dusty corners of your own creative nature.

It isn't just love, a new lover, and the possibility of a deeper bond forming -- as if that's not enough -- but add your own dreamy and creative imagination to the brew and you are capable of turning your relationship into a thing of beauty, or a true soul-union.

For the more adventurous Pisces, all those old films that involve spontaneous and reckless love are replaying themselves in your mind's eye, and from on high the stars are flashing a green light. Love lights up your life in 2016 like a never-ending string of sparkling, bright lights... and promises a year to remember.

Year of 2016: Saturn, the architect of destiny, is in your Tenth House -- and pushing you hard toward goals that you may have thought were just pipe dreams. You have reached the summit in an upward climb but don't think that you don't have to be on your toes and go that extra mile. This is the time when you have the greatest opportunity to make an impression on the world as an individual.

Neptune on your Sun may have aided you in landing a dream job in the past couple of years but it's you who worked diligently and expanded the scope of what it is you do. What appeared to be bold thinking actually was just you digging in and getting the job done.

Change is always a wild card in an orderly workplace and there could be change as the weeks and months of 2016 pass. Even though you are not directly involved, perhaps a higher-up or another employee experiences the challenges, and due to a trickle-down effect you may be involved.

Mars, the instigator, is out of bounds most of the year and that means you'll be thinking out of the box more often than usual. He retrogrades between April 17th and June 29th and you may surprise yourself at how creative you can be as you go for what you want during that time.

Pisces, more than most of the signs, prefers working alone, and if you can identify a project or part of a project as your own, your energy level and diligence will go a long way and make an impression on those in a position to help you.

Uranus, the star of change, is still in your Second House of finances, and it can bring change in the way you pursuing your financial goals. There are numerous possibilities heading your way, possibly an upgraded or even a totally new job, but the end result (even if you stay in the same position) is more excitement in the workplace and new challenges in your life.

This is the year you are filled with optimism about your professional life and it will take more than the usual bump or two in the road to hinder the progress you make in 2016, Pisces.

Stronger, Smarter, Better, Hotter… your 2016 Horoscope will guide you where you've never been!

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