pisces Weekly Horoscope for the Week of April 11, 2021

Week of April 11, 2021

Financial success is possible this week. But Pisces, be careful, or you will end up spending the extra you receive.

The week begins on Sunday, April 11, with the new moon in Aries lighting up your house of finances. At the same time, Venus in Aries makes a square to Pluto in your house of money derived from career. You may be thinking you are financially stuck. Perhaps you can't increase your current salary without adding many more hours or getting a degree. It's time to look at new possibilities and potential streams of income. Now, the Universe can help you find some new avenues.

On Tuesday, April 13, the sun in Aries makes a sextile to Mars in your house of family. Today, you can have a great time with your family, playing games, or doing outdoor activities. If you're in a new love relationship, it's possible you're moving in together, and while that's a little chaotic, there's still the excitement of setting up house together.

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Weekly Love

Other people may be screwing with your sense of self this week. On April 11, Venus in your second house of self-worth will square off with Pluto in your eleventh house of community, and your friends may try to change you or take advantage of you. Remember why you’re special—because you don’t need anyone’s approval in order to appreciate yourself. As the new moon moves through your stable second house on April 11, this week is about letting your sense of self move beyond your relationships.

However, by midweek, the energy feels...

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Weekly Work

This week, you may be thinking about your financial goals in a more serious way. On April 11, the new moon will activate your second house of money, encouraging you to rethink the difference between what you want and what you need. However, if you have a specific financial goal in mind, now’s the time to set yourself up to achieve it. But as this new moon squares off with Pluto in your eleventh house of hopes and dreams, you may feel weighed down by the demands of your financial goals.

You may receive a surprising influx of emails,...

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Weekly Dating

You're feeling big-hearted on Monday, but don't let your people use you as a doormat. You don't have to be decisive to say no. In fact, by the middle of the week, you'll be dispensing with old ways of dealing with people in favor of something considerably more direct. If you can maneuver yourself into a party or some other social madness, you'll surprise yourself with your aggressive flirting. Friends will help you over the weekend, so everything should go your way. You'll wake up Sunday ready to start a new community project.