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The Sky Today, May 11

At 12:00 PM: The moon is conjunct the sun

At noon, the Taurus new moon encourages us to begin putting a new plan into motion. However, before we can lay the foundation of this new enterprise, whatever it might be, we first have to stop and take stock of where we are. The new moon implores us to cultivate presence, first in our physical bodies through movement, stretches, and breathwork. This may be an invitation to evaluate our diets and determine how best we can nourish ourselves. Following this, we can expand our presence to include our environmental awareness, our sensory input, and sense of personal versus communal space. Once we have identified where we are, we can begin to build. Intentions may tackle questions such as “How can I accept more beauty and peace in my life?” or “Which values do I want to share through my work, and can I allow myself rest equal to my exertion as a point of principle?” This moon makes auspicious connections to Neptune and Pluto, suggesting that subconscious forces are on our side. When we have a clear vision of what we desire, we have access to magic. During this lunation, we may be surprised to find that true comfort and happiness has less to do with amassing a surplus of expendable resources, and more to do with how practiced we are at accessing our creative willpower.

At 04:54 PM: Mars is square Chiron

In the late afternoon, Mars in Cancer squares Chiron in Aries, stimulating emotional flare-ups. If confronted with triggering personalities or circumstances, we can feel victimized, reacting with anger or hiding away to plot revenge tactics. Although we believe we are fighting someone or something that has wronged us, pausing will reveal that this antagonist is just a proxy for an early-life adversary who robbed us of joy, agency, or self-expression. We are essentially fighting something that is no longer in our lives, and even if we overcome this new obstacle, it will not “solve” the deeper problem. By our attack, we continue to feed our energy into a black hole. This is a very challenging transit to deal with objectively, so we might try to distance ourselves from the source of our stress, seek help through therapy, or release aggression through physical activity.

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