Virgo Daily Bonus Horoscope

March 29, 2023

You just can't resist organizing! Refine your own filing system, then help a friend.

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Daily Love Horoscope

An incredibly important moment is upon you today and tomorrow, Virgo. As mighty Mars, the red planet of passion and drive, sizzles through your solar eleventh house of friendships and online dating, he will link in a trine to the taskmaster planet, Saturn, now spinning in your solar seventh house of partnership. On one hand, this could link singles to someone who has long-term potential through their network or an app. However, if you’re happily committed, you may instead agree with your partner to build toward a lifelong aspiration side-by-side. You’ll adore their steady and loyal hand aiding you as you move toward your dream in the sky.

Daily Work Horoscope

An unexpected twist in your professional journey may come up, Virgo! Usually, you are a detail-oriented earth sign with a plan. However, it might be time to ditch your plans for something that is way more exciting and professionally progressive as the domicile moon in Cancer sextiles both Venus in Taurus and Uranus in Taurus. Both transits are urging you to consider a new opportunity that may arise through networking on or offline. Although this opportunity is not what you might be looking for, it could be just what you need to move forward in your career path!

Daily Dating Horoscope

You're in such a good mood that you might be halfway through cleaning up a friend's mess before you even realize what you're doing. Why stop? If it makes you happy, you should go for it.

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