Leo Daily Bonus Horoscope

April 13, 2024

Put all your finances in order today -- review your budget and trim some fat.

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Daily Love Horoscope

Symbolized by the lion, you have sharp fangs and claws, Leo. As a fixed fire sign, you like to know exactly what path you’re on. Yet, retrogrades can make your head spin and bring out some of that primal anger deep within you, as you don’t like to be thrown for a loop when you’ve set your sights on a clear path forward. Retrogrades aren’t meant to be a curse from the cosmos, though. They’re actually highly beneficial for us because they allow us to take a breath and then look around and assess what we want to keep—or revisit—in our lives. Use retrogrades as a positive tool from this day forward.

Daily Work Horoscope

Listen to your intuition, Leo. You may find that your inner voice is louder than usual since the moon will enter Cancer, its domicile. Once the lunar energy is in full swing, it might be hard to ignore your inner voice. You may find that there is more to consider at work. Maybe your intuition is picking up on something a coworker said or did to you this past week. Perhaps you are busy predicting the future if you feel strongly about something happening in the near future. Regardless, your intuition is trying to tell you something about work!

Daily Dating Horoscope

Nobody can tell you what to do. Right now you have enough willpower to break down even the biggest control freak. Make the world your own. If it's not going to be you, it'll be someone else.

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