Capricorn Daily Work Horoscope

November 29, 2023

Think about who you want to take to the top, Capricorn. You may want to reconsider the relationships you are associated with when Venus in Libra opposes the North Node in Aries. There are a few connections that will go the distance with you, especially the ones who have been with you since the beginning of your career path. Instead of focusing on shallow or superficial connections, this opposition will encourage you to prioritize long-term relationships. Your long-term companions are the ones who will continue to be there for you through thick and thin. 

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Daily Finances Horoscope

If your money just isn't growing, then maybe you need to put it in the right culture. If conditions aren't just right, all the energy you focus on it will just be wasted. Consider yourself a scientist and put on your lab coat. The right medium for growing your green is crucial.

Daily Bonus Horoscope

Nothing is going to happen unless you get the ball rolling. If you want this, begin.

Capricorn Weekly Work Horoscope

Week of November 26, 2023

Reflect on what you want to pursue, Capricorn. Take a step back to consider your options and what has come up in your work history when Mercury in Sagittarius trines the North Node in Aries on Sunday, November 26. The fiery trine will help you become more courageous, so you might be ready to...

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Capricorn Monthly Work Horoscope

Month of November 2023

The month ahead brings up professional issues that have been buried beneath the surface at work. Problems with colleagues, your boss, and attaining your own personal goals will come into focus when Mercury enters Sagittarius on November 9. It’s not that you’re not wanting to work hard, like you’re...

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Capricorn Yearly Work Horoscope

Year of 2023

You’re a hardworking, ambitious Capricorn who’s willing to put your career first in order to get to the top, and you usually don’t mind working overtime or doing whatever else it takes to climb the ladder of success. Keep reading to find out if your strong work ethic will pay off in 2023. Your...

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