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Year of 2023

You’re a hardworking, ambitious Capricorn who’s willing to put your career first in order to get to the top, and you usually don’t mind working overtime or doing whatever else it takes to climb the ladder of success. Keep reading to find out if your strong work ethic will pay off in 2023.

Your power planet Saturn is in future-minded Aquarius at the start of the year, Capricorn, so you’ll really be focused on reaching your long-term goals and objectives. Visions of the kind of career you’ve always dreamed of will be at the forefront of your mind now, and you’re willing to be a lot more experimental and innovative when it comes to achieving the kind of success you really want. 

You should start to appreciate your own unique talents and abilities more now, and following the status quo will be less important as you realize what standing out from the crowd (aka your peers) can do.

There’s a full moon in Virgo in early April, creating exciting energy around career changes of any type. As an earth sign, you aren’t always comfortable with change, but as a cardinal sign, you are an initiator of change and should do quite well with this take-charge lunation. Once you know what you want, Capricorn, nothing (and no one) can stop you from getting it.

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