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aries Daily Horoscope for December 1, 2021

December 1, 2021

As an Aries, you rarely recognize when you need to pump the brakes. Let Wednesday’s skies help you slow down and move into a more reflective headspace, as the moon floats through solitary Scorpio. Luna spends the day in a tough square with heavy Saturn, highlighting blockages to disassemble on your road to success. Ideally, aim to keep a low profile and make yourself emotionally open with your closest confidantes or an intimate partner.

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Daily Love

Use your discernment, Aries. The moon slips into smoldering Scorpio today, activating your intimate eighth house of sexual chemistry, shared resources, and soul-to-soul connections, which means you're probably craving more emotional intensity in your love life. The catch, however, could stem from Luna's square to Saturn, as you could be feeling torn between your desire for emotional closeness, and exploring the opportunities being presented to you during this time. The best part? Lady Venus will be in harmony with your red-hot planetary ruler, Mars, amidst its intensity-filled journey through the underworld in Scorpio. You're supercharged with passion, lust, and determination.

Daily Work

Guess who stations direct today, Aries? Neptune! Now direct in your hidden sector, your mental fog dissipates. The last few months could have been murky, as you may have doubted your ability to imagine the ideal professional life or even the ability to reach your professional dreams. You could have had issues even seeing your path clearly, as navigating your job could have been difficult during the retrograde period. Now direct, Neptune asks you to listen to your intuition. Your higher self is calling you to an altruistic path, one filled with compassion, magic, and service. Are you ready?

Daily Dating

Stick with the tried and true for a few more days, if only to recharge your spiritual batteries for the time ahead. This is no the time to start anything new, whether it's a gig or a romance.

Daily Bonus

What you need to do is obvious. There are no more excuses; it's time to take action.