aries Daily Horoscope for April 17, 2021

April 17, 2021

Saturday’s skies find you moving between two different modes of operation, Aries. The moon’s presence in busybody Gemini makes for a morning full of conversations and errand-running. Luna’s union with hyperactive Mars can make for clear communication or sharp-tongued exchanges—so, be mindful of your word choice. Later, Luna dives into withdrawn Cancer, helping you sink into your feelings and reconnect with your home environment.

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Daily Love

Surround yourself with energies that inspire you, Aries. This is especially significant to consider today, as your planetary ruler, Mars, will form a harmonious trine with lucky Jupiter via your eleventh house of community and sense of belonging in the world. And with Mercury in your sign—in harmony with both Jupiter and Mars—you're being given the mental stamina and clarity to move forward with confidence. This could bring forth the opportunity to connect with someone you're interested in (maybe via social media)? But if you're feeling hesitant, Mercury's square with Pluto could very well challenge your perspective, or perhaps provide interesting insight. Keep an open mind.

Daily Work

Ram, a positive conversation can occur today in your work life, and it can help raise your spirits. You may have been putting in the work when it comes to making connections and allies, and now you might bear the fruit of your energetic labor. Connections are all about balance. The social Gemini moon is forming an exact connection with intelligently-driven Mars in Gemini in your third house of communication.

Daily Dating

Nobody is moving at the pace you want them to, and it's driving you nuts! There's no point trying to herd them either. Most folks are just plodding along and don't even notice your efforts now.

Daily Bonus

You've been going back and forth on it; make your decision today and move on.