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Aries Daily Horoscope Yesterday

May 20, 2024

Gemini season kicks off this morning, ushering in a month-long era of learning, connecting, and using your voice. Now is the time to invest in that beautiful brain of yours, sweet Ram, focusing on where you can grow as an intellectual. Your perspective evolves whenever sentiments are shared, or curiosity is followed, so be sure to let your mind guide you. You'll sense a shift later this afternoon when the moon migrates into mysterious Scorpio, putting you in the mood to nurture deep bonds. Just try not to push boundaries if others aren't ready to let their guard down when Pluto becomes agitated tonight.

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Daily Food Horoscope

You may have to mediate breakfast squabbles today, but for once you'll like what you hear. There will some argument as to whether the cereal choice of the day should be bran flakes or muesli but the general consensus is that whole-grain toast with organic strawberry jam is a must.

Daily Home Horoscope

The bookshelves are going to be beautiful, but admittedly, you've never held a power drill in your life. Look to friends for advice. The lumberyard can provide you with the wood, but only a person with experience can teach you the tricks of the trade.

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You have no problem taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves. That humans have a pejorative word for what comes so easily to you is a mystery. You won't let them make you feel bad about your MO.

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Daily Teen Horoscope

Who's your enemy today? Boredom, with a capital B. Steer clear of anything dull and head straight for the action. Can't find something fun to do? Create your own excitement -- on your own or with some help from a friend.

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Try a little harder to get moving today -- with a little push, you can make almost anything happen! It's all good until someone new tries to push back, because then you're likely to show your claws!

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Your role in someone's life has been growing -- today it will reach a turning point.