aries Daily Horoscope for May 7, 2021

May 7, 2021

You’re coming out of hiding today, Aries. After spending a few private days holed up in solitude, you’re ready to re-enter the world. The moon careens into your sign, helping you focus on your personal needs and bring a fresh burst of energy and style to your self-expression. Luna’s supportive link to Mercury makes it an ideal day for any endeavors that put your voice front and center.

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Daily Love

You're finally speaking up, and you'll be happy you did, Aries. The moon slips into your overzealous sign today, highlighting everything from your emotional instincts to your red-hot passions. Although, with your fiery planetary ruler, Mars, in sentimental Cancer via your cozy fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations, you could be longing for something more stable as opposed to "thrilling" during this time. In fact, with the help of today's moon-Mercury sextile, you might even be willing to discuss the possibility of taking things to the next level with your crush or lover. It sounds cheesy, but you're looking for someone who feels like home.

Daily Work

Aries, you are feeling challenged by authority at work and feel as though you can’t move forward with the strategy you believe is best. This is due to the tense aspects between the fiery Aries moon and wounded warrior, Chiron, in Aries in your first house of identity. Not only that but dominant Pluto retrograde in your professional sector is being activated. Pausing before speaking is a great idea. Tap into the balanced energy of Venus; it’s also softening the intensity of Pluto.

Daily Dating

You might be thinking about or dealing with kids today. They're totally in line with your energy right now. It's a good time for you to play with kids, babysit, or just say hello to the next kid you see.

Daily Bonus

Your social scene may expand rapidly. Go ahead and give up some of your 'you' time.