aries Daily Horoscope for March 1, 2021

By Mackenzie Greer

March 1, 2021 Yesterday

Monday’s skies work to smooth things over on the social scene, Aries. The moon meanders through bond-building Libra, focusing your energy on relationship matters. Luna forms a strong connection with aspirational Jupiter and communicative Mercury. These aspects make it an ideal day to talk about big plans in partnerships, join a new group with shared interests, or have important conversation with a friend.


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Daily Love

With the planet of love dazzling your secretive twelfth house space, you've probably been indulging in secret a romantic rendezvous, amidst tapping into your intuitive awareness. Daydreaming much? Perhaps you're crushing on someone, but still keeping it to yourself, Aries. Fortunately for you, today's charming trine between the moon in your committed seventh house of one-on-one relationships, and savvy Mercury in your experimental eleventh house of associations, community, and sense of belonging in the world, you're finally in the mood to mingle. Luna will also link up with lucky Jupiter in this area of your chart, so FOMO won't be necessary.

Daily Work

Dear Aries, your creativity and drive is high today. So, it’s best to take full advantage. You are still feeling empowered in your work with the positive connection between your ruling planet, Mars, in your second house of earned income and Pluto in your tenth house of career. This is amplifying your desire to achieve, while your inner creativity can feel potent with Venus in its exaltation in the sign of Pisces. Use this forward movement to make positive and innovative moves at work!

Daily Dating

Your sense of what's possible is starting to expand somewhat, and you may get struck with a new inspiration It may be as simple as a new crush, or it may be as complex as a whole new life.

Daily Bonus

You need people who are on your wavelength. It's time to expand your social circle.