October 2018: It’s back to the drawing board and back to the source this October. The good news is that you have an opportunity to change and improve situations, thanks to fortunate retrograde Venus is in your career sector beginning on October 5.

On the tenth, Venus in Scorpio squares action-oriented Mars in Aquarius. You also have communicative Mercury opposing your ruling planet Uranus. Network when planets forecast beneficial partnerships.

October 17 and October 18 are lucky days with the moon in Aquarius. Search and send out resumes if job hunting. The stars are on your side, so schedule interviews and meetings.

On the twenty-third, the sun opposing Uranus helps at the drawing board when it comes to dealing with tough situations over the next four days.

On October 30, Sagittarius Mercury is inspired with good judgment for making decisions over the next few weeks.

On the month’s last day, lucky Venus and communicative Mercury aspect Uranus. With the latter, expect the unexpected, and isn’t it great! Once encountered, Mercury makes words flow like silk.

You enter a key time next month as Jupiter leaves your career sector and enters a favorable area. It’s all in who you know and how they can help you do what you want to do.

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