Month of Sep 2020: You have to look at things from both sides, Aquarius. You have nothing to be afraid of these days because you have the experience under your belt to back you up. You've seen it, you've lived it, and now you’re here to teach it. That is the true you!

As Venus enters Leo on September 6, this will provide you with the sense of balance and freedom you've been craving. Maybe someone in your professional world has been brought to you as a reminder of where you came from. And now it’s time for you to really understand why you’re here. You are asking the bigger questions in life.

Mars turns retrograde in Aries, starting on the ninth, calling to your need to communicate on a new and different level. The lesson could be for you to take control of this area of business. If you've either been too aggressive or not aggressive enough, you'll find a happy medium as the weeks go by. This is all part of the journey that you signed up for. You’ll glide through this, gaining many fans along the way. Remember to speak up, do the right thing, and stand tall in your fabulous power!

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