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Your aptitude for team playing supports your ambitions and is a key to success in April. The first week couldn’t be better for uncovering forgotten details as the Aries sun conjoins retrograde Mercury. You zero in and absorb meanings.

April 9 and April 10 are lucky days. Search if you are job hunting. Send out resumes. The two days are also opportune times to schedule interviews and meetings.

Also on the tenth, protective Taurus Venus trines earthy Mars. Regarding career, they are fortunate for setting and achieving goals.

From April 14 through April 24, big-hearted Jupiter sextiles a determined Pluto. Jupiter has a high profile in your career house. Pluto pulls strings behind the scenes in your twelfth house (where the big teams play). Good things can happen.

Confusion dissipates when Mercury turns direct in your communication house on the fifteenth.

The sun conjoins unpredictable Uranus on April 18. Insights and revelations surface in the most unusual of ways. Uranus rules your sign, bringing breakthroughs and new directions. Uranus also encourages team play.

In addition to the above, Venus is light, lively, and communicative in your creative fifth house, beginning on the twenty-fourth. Next month, would you care to take a chance? Venus continues the lucky vibes.

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