August 2018: The August heat is handy for protectively incubating ideas before unveiling them. It gives you the luxury of time to develop a successful plan to sell the ideas. Starting August 1. Aquarius Mars squares unique Uranus for four days. Be on the lookout for future-in-the-making clues and be inspired.

On the sixth, Venus begins a fortunate transit in Libra and your sector of expansion. The next day, ruling Uranus takes a retrograde turn in case you forgot things you were supposed to remember or connections with whom you should continue to network.

Helpful is the August 11 solar eclipse in your partnership sector. Mars temporarily leaves Aquarius to return to Capricorn the next day. This is your “inner dream factory” with an intuitive business sense. Make the transit work for you! Present your ideas, courtesy of direct Mercury on the eighteenth.

Starting August 19, the trine between beneficial Jupiter and imaginative Neptune echoes the above in an inspired ten-day connection in your money and career sectors.

The twenty-third is a lucky day to schedule interviews and meetings, and the next day is lucky prior to lunch. Both are viable for searching and sending out resumes if you’re job hunting. There could be a key change with a networking connection in the week of August 27 to jump-start September.

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