Month of Feb 2019: It’s time to focus on the dreamland in your imagination. See where it takes you this month. February 3 is a lucky day to search if you are job hunting. Also, how great is an Aquarius new moon as a seed moment for making strides in the 30 days following the phase on Monday? (Always try to get into the rhythm of this lunar phase.)

On the seventh, the sun sextiles Jupiter to herald an expansive drive to contribute your creative gifts. You have four auspicious days to tune into new, perhaps lucrative outlets.

On February 12, Mars conjoins your ruler Uranus in a connection that adds to the pluses of the sun and Jupiter. Unexpected sources call for quick responses, however.

On Valentine’s Day, Taurus Mars begins a transit that occurs once every two and a half years. Mars puts down roots, but do you? A commitment may be called for (think back and repeat your successes).

The sextile between the sun and Uranus, planet of windfalls, on the seventeenth symbolizes an unexpected cosmic jackpot or reward for a job well done.

Tie up loose ends on February 27. Venus is in Capricorn’s last degrees, which means prepare for next month’s uber-creative and lucky Aquarius transit that some say could result in attaining one’s heart’s desires.

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