Aquarius Weekly Work Horoscope for the Week of November 27, 2022

Week of November 27, 2022

What will make you feel fulfilled in your line of work, Aquarius? Focus on what makes you feel empowered in your line of work when Mars retrograde in Gemini trines Saturn in your sign on Monday, November 28. You have many curiosities, skills, and ideas to follow. However, you might be wondering what you should focus on first. Consider assuming responsibility for whatever makes you feel true to your professional self. 

If you need to talk it over or discuss your options, do so the next day when Mercury in Sagittarius opposes Mars retrograde in Gemini and sextiles Saturn in Aquarius. The transits suggest that a work friend or colleague could give you a greater perspective of which aspiration to pursue first. It might even empower your own thoughts about your career path! 

Since the first quarter moon in Pisces is occurring on Wednesday, November 30, it might be worthwhile to lean into the subtle yet intuitive shift in your values. What you may have valued once is subject to adjustment and change. Having a more accepting perspective can help you feel certain in your commitments when Venus in Sagittarius opposes Mars retrograde and sextiles Saturn at the end of the week.

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