Aquarius Daily Work Horoscope

July 18, 2024

How do you handle hurtful interactions in a professional environment, Aquarius? You might have to maneuver a tricky situation when Mercury in Leo trines Chiron in Aries. Talking about what you want or need in a professional commitment may lead to a painful conversation. Maybe the other party is not open to your ideas or input, which can be hurtful. You could also feel put down by the other party. Since this interaction may make you feel bad, you should think about how to assert yourself and boundaries without adding fuel to the fire. 

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Daily Finances Aquarius Horoscope

You are on a mission to become financially healthy and nothing will sidetrack you. Not advertisements, not sidewalk sales, not credit cards. Keep your blinders on and don't let anyone or anything lead you astray.

Daily Bonus Aquarius Horoscope

New people are entering your life, bringing exciting new concepts with them.

Aquarius Weekly Work Horoscope

Week of July 14, 2024

Hurtful words might come out, Aquarius. Be mindful of how much you let your coworker's comments impact you when the sun in Cancer squares Chiron in Aries on Monday, July 15. The cosmic energy could be challenging since hurtful comments could be made. It might also be challenging because a comment's...

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Aquarius Monthly Work Horoscope

Month of July 2024

You might have trouble keeping track of your ideas, Aquarius, so keeping a notebook with you will be your best bet for keeping everything straight. The new moon on July 5 is in your house of service and work, so you must watch over and assert yourself anywhere you are not already in a leadership...

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Aquarius Yearly Work Horoscope

Year of 2024

With ambitious Saturn in your second house this year, your career comes with a big dose of self-entitlement, Aquarius. As you think about your self-worth, you will most likely be demanding more of yourself (especially if you’re self-employed) or your employer. You command more professional respect...

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