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Month of Apr 2019: If old ideas aren’t working, consolidate, cut, and/or reform them this month. April 4 and April 5 are lucky days. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. The moment is auspicious for interviews and meetings. On Friday, a new Aries moon gives you an edge in the 30 days following the phase.

On the tenth, the Aries sun forms a stimulating square with realistic Saturn in your career sign. The keyword “experience” says it all, which means it’s the chance to showcase the things you’ve learned. Also that day, Lucky Jupiter’s retrograde in your sign of expansion begins slight delays- but not denials - through mid-August.

Aries Mercury not only speaks confidently but also gets to the point on April 16. “The simplest explanation is the best one” echoes retrograde Pluto as the planet brings old issues to the surface starting on the twenty-fourth. Helpful hint: The planet is in your career sign, so don’t be prone to ultimatums.

Starting April 29, helpful Saturn is an extra-vigilant reality checker and sounding board while retrograde, so use when necessary in the above.

On the thirtieth, Aries Mercury sextiles Gemini Mars, and this means an astrological mutual reception, aka “get out of what you’ve gotten into” today. You may hope repetition produces results, but will it work again next month?

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