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Month of Oct 2019: The Libra new moon on September 28 accents partnerships in the 30 days that follow the phase. And there’s no better energy for blending and improving relationships than friendly Venus in a square with transformational Pluto on October 1. Pluto then turns direct in your career sign, btw. You may feel you’ve had a conversation before, and you probably have, but now is an auspicious time to have it again.

Two sign changes happen on the third. Scorpio Mercury starts you thinking about financial improvements in your shared resources sign, and Mars, last in Libra two and one-half years ago, returns to your partnership sign now. This motivational planet calls attention to what you’re doing that either is or isn’t working. For the latter, problems get worse by not addressing them. (Jog any memories?)

October 12 and October 13 are lucky weekend days. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Sunday’s Aries full moon illuminates new insights.

On the twenty-first, dine on dreams when creative Venus trines illusionary Neptune. File ideas away for next month when the sun is in your sign of secrets and research. The new Scorpio moon on October 27 doubles the potential for this theme. And you get a head start on November when ruling Mars squares strong and realistic Saturn on that same day.

Firm, balanced, and correct, a Mercury retrograde on the thirty-first keeps you from saying the wrong things.

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