aries Weekly Work Horoscope for the Week of May 9, 2021

Week of May 9, 2021

You may be starting the week off feeling incredibly competitive. On May 9, the Aries moon will square Pluto in your ambitious 10th house, encouraging you to do everything you can to stay relevant. Embrace this motivation but remember to keep your dignity if you’re driven to drastic measures.

You may discover the missing puzzle piece by May 10. As Mercury and the North Node join forces in your intelligent third house, you’re cracking the code and unveiling the deeper layers of what your mind is capable of. By May 11, a new moon in your second house of finances will take place, inspiring you to set your monetary goals and create a plan for obtaining the income and the budget you desire. As Mars in your cozy fourth house forms a sextile with Uranus in your financial sector, you may be coming up with ideas to increase your income all from the comfort of your own home.

May 12 is a beautiful day to network. After all, Mercury in your chatty third house will trine Saturn in your eleventh house of community, helping you establish a channel of communication with your colleagues. You may be forming an organization or a group that allows each of you to air out your concerns and ideas.