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capricorn Horoscope

Month of Apr 2020: The sun is in Aries as you enter April, drawing your attention to security matters. You might even be reconnecting with a childhood ambition or perhaps having to confront past insecurities as you grow in awareness of your potential.

By midmonth, a situation that was peaking in January reaches a point of total transformation. You’re reaching a turning point from the past, resurrecting on a powerful level, rebuilding your life and work from the ground up. It will require teamwork and constructive investment of your time, energy, and money. But you can live your best life in alignment with your values, which gives to the world as much as it gives to you. Be creative, work smarter rather than harder, and make sure to schedule in time for play and inspiration.

Financially, personally, and/or creatively, something might feel like a risk, but this isn’t about success or failure by the world’s standards. It’s about your authenticity. Rise above any insecurities as you take a bold step forward. Free yourself to be yourself, and you can create a life that few dare even dream of.

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