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Month of May 2019: Sometimes (in May, for instance) one is able to take mistakes (personal errors or those of others) and use them to one’s advantage. On May 2, it’s the little things like loose ends that are aggravating when Mercury squares Pluto. The trine with Jupiter helps tie them up with a big bow. There are rewards to follow.

On the sixth, Taurus Mercury enhances tactical thinking in your sector of creativity and risk taking (another helper to fix any previous “oops”).

On May 13, the trine between the sun and Capricorn Pluto sparks four days of amazing empowerment. Lead from the front when you have lots of influence over others.

Lucky Venus, planet of creativity and money, unites with friend Mercury (exciting for the above advantages) on the fifteenth. Normally fiery Mars moves to sensitive Cancer in your partnership sector. The change accents success using finesse.

May 21 is a lucky day and fortunate for job hunting, interviews, and meetings. The sun and Mercury highlight your sector of co-workers and work routine. There is a four-day opportunity to fix something to your advantage, in the most gracious way, of course.

The month ends with a lovely trine between Venus and ruling planet Saturn on the thirty-first. Start organizing resources because you need to be ready for next month.

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