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capricorn Horoscope

Month of Nov 2019: This month’s theme is exploring options. Keep an open mind because some are extraordinary. Also, keep your options open.

November 1 is a lucky day. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting (here’s a chance to respond to something unusual that catches your attention). Schedule interviews and meetings under fortunate stars.

Action-oriented Mars in your career sign squares Capricorn Pluto on the fifth. Repressed or ignored issues may surface, but you have a second chance to fix them. Think outside the box and look at patterns in light of current events.

On November 13, thinking Mercury sextiles practical Saturn while the sun sextiles Capricorn Pluto. This powerhouse group equates to mega opportunities through Friday. Reread the above and build on it.

Scorpio Mars transits your goals and wishes sign starting on the eighteenth, opening doors, including doors to good decisions and improved circumstances.

Much-loved and creative Venus enters your sign on November 25. Things that seemed impossible work this week.

The twenty-eighth is a lucky day to search and send out resumes if job hunting. Schedule meetings and interviews under fortunate stars. Start building a foundation for even better things to happen when Jupiter enters your sign next month. Prepare to be amazing.

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