Monthly BusinessScope

You begin the month with Aquarius Mercury in the sector of your money and how you earn it. While work and security are important, Mercury brings fresh insights about how security can be stifling, and it shows you that there might be other paths to take.

On February 10, a generous Pisces Venus helps you take the lead in communication interests. The position of Venus opens your networking sphere of contacts, making the tenth and eleventh lucky days for making contacts. Text, drop someone an e-mail, or call. Search if you’re job hunting and send out resumes.

The Aquarius solar eclipse on the fifteenth motivates you to move up, as in the “how you earn it” money theme. Is there a debt or promise you didn’t collect before but could now if you need it?

Say it like you mean it when communicative Mercury sextiles business-oriented Saturn on February 21. And on Sunday, obstacles won’t stall your efforts when the Pisces sun sextiles Saturn.

Harmonious Venus sextiles transformational Pluto on the twenty-seventh, and a mentor or colleague helps remove an obstacle. The key is to let go of it if you really know it’s slowing - even stifling - your progress.

Next month, a mentor keeps the window of opportunity open.

Grounding Elements - Meditation of the Moment


The moon conjoins Uranus early in the day today, bringing flashes of insight. Tune in with this exclusive meditation from Jessica Snow.

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